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Teamspeak Tips: #2 - Preserving Your Identity

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On Teamspeak, each user is represented by an identity. Regardless of IP or even the machine you're using to connect, the server knows you by your identity, and this can be really useful when using multiple machines or switching PCs, but it can also mean a lot of unnecessary work if you forget to save your identity when doing a complete OS reinstall or if you've just moved to a new computer and are throwing the old one away, as all your groups & friends could get lost in the process of moving. Unless, of course, you save your identity!

In this section of Teamspeak Tips, we're going to cover the basic information on how to preserve your identity, both with or without a myTeamSpeak account. If you don't wish to use myTeeamSpeak, you can skip the first step.


#1 - myTeamSpeak Setup

myTeamSpeak is Teamspeak's new(ish) feature, allowing you to create an online Teamspeak account with which you can synchronise your settings, plugins and identities across all your devices, no longer needing to move files around computers & other devices making things a lot simpler.

In order to create a myTeamSpeak account, simply open your Teamspeak and on the toolbar at the top, click "Tools -> Options" (default hotkey "Alt+P"), and in the options window, click on the myTeamSpeak tab, and click "Create Account". If you already have a myTeamSpeak account, simply enter your email & password and click "Login".

In order to synchronise your identities with your account, turn on Synchronization by ticking the box below. You can use Automatic or Manual synchronisation - if you don't have personal preferences, I recommend using Automatic.


Once your myTeamSpeak account is set up, you can go to the identities section and sync your identity.


#2 - Syncing Your Identity

To access the identity menu, simply look at the Toolbar at the top of your Teamspeak window and click on "Tools -> Identities", or press "Ctrl+I". From there, you'll be able to see a list of your identities.


With myTeamSpeak:

Simply make sure that your default identity, and any other identity you want to synchronise, is in the synchronized identities section. You can simply click and drag it from your local identities into your synchronized identity section. By synchronising your myTeamSpeak account, you can save your identities, bookmarks and other preferences in the cloud.

Even if you uninstall your Teamspeak completely from your PC, next time you install it anywhere - on your phone, tablet, or PC - all you need to do is log in to your myTeamSpeak account, and it will automatically sync your preferences, bookmarks and, most importantly, identities (unless you've disabled synchronisation).

Without myTeamSpeak:

Note: You can still do this even if you are using a myTeamSpeak account.

There is a way to migrate an identity to another instance of your teamspeak on another device or installation that doesn't include syncing an online account. It's a good old-fashioned file.

In the Identity window, right click on the identity you'd like to migrate, and click on Export. This will open a prompt window which which you can save the file on your computer. Put the file on an USB key or other data transfer device, or simply e-mail it to yourself and download it on your other device.

You can then import the identity by right-clicking anywhere in the Local Identities window and clicking "Import".

Warning: Do not share this file with anyone else, as they will be able to use your Teamspeak identity!




Quick Tips:

  • In the Identities window, you can also manually improve your security level by clicking on "Go Advanced" at the bottom of the window, then clicking on the "Improve" button next where your Security Level is displayed.
  • The identity screen is also where you can change the default name you connect with on that identity without having to disconnect & reconnect.
  • Be warned that while using different identities might disguise you from everyday users, it's highly discouraged on the OC Teamspeak, and in most Teamspeak servers, moderators, officers, managers, etc. will still be able to see the IP you are connecting from, recognizing you! On many servers, identity spamming is considered bannable, so be careful! (Also note that on some servers, everyone can see each other's IPs)

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1 hour ago, jimmy76 said:

sorry it dont work or i might be stupid. i have even coppied everything from my laptop to the other computer but nothing ?

I can go through everything with you and we can see what's broken ^^

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