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Good day to all

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Hi, so I'm mirrorsand, my main character is a beautiful female sylvari ranger with a bit of attitude (realised that when changing her from blue to pink for Pink Day and gosh). I'm from Finland and studying Information Studies and Interactive Media at University of Tampere - I'll most likely focus on Internet and Games Studies so who knows, maybe some GW2 research coming in the future. Besides games my main interests are photographing and larping. I love corgis and hippos, dream about traveling to New Zealand and one of my favorite places on Earth is Galway Bay.

I've been playing GW2 over a year now, can't remember the exact time. In the past I played GW1 too but it's been years since I actually played it and I completed Prophecies story only once so I have no memory of that story which is very sad since story is the main reason why I play GW2 these days. And OpenCommunity, you guys are the best, especially with your Quaggan Waddles. Cooo. I'm a bit shy person but love to get to know new people when I get a chance for that. I'm more than happy to do story instances with people and talk about that in general.

I think there's all the important stuff, if you want to ask something do so, I'll try to answer.

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