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Dapper Dave

Who is this beautiful gent?

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Hi, I am PurpleMurch, Dapper Dave or Tom. I don't mind any of those names, it's all your choice!

I am a good person.

I am Dapper.

I am Dave.

I go to school.

I am a brit.

I may one day post a picture of myself if I can find a good one.

Good bye, ladies and gentlemen!

Edit: I primarily play tf2 competitive and gw2.

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5 hours ago, macstat said:

So you're Dave and Tom at the same time ? O_O. 

Welcome to Open Community :)

Well, my irl name is Tom but my ingame name is Dave. It's confusing!

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9 hours ago, otretas said:

Yhellow Diaper Dave, i am otretas!

Karkas, you stole my line!!!!!


And welcome Tom and Dave :) One of us! 

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