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OpenCommunity Guild Policies & Guidelines

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    Please note that OpenCommunity is currently undergoing a restructure. These Policies and Guidelines may be out of date and will be updated soon!

    OpenCommunity's duties towards guilds

    • Guilds within OpenCommunity still retain full independence, and OC shall not encroach upon their sovereignty
    • The community has a duty to treat all guilds fairly and equally, and help protect the integrity of individual guilds
    • Guilds are provided with information regarding all events organized within the community and are invited to take part in the organization themselves

    Guild Perks

    • The guild can call our community their home, and get provided with their own spaces on both our TeamSpeak and website
    • The guild gets a private TeamSpeak channel that belongs to them
      • This channel can have subchannels, which can be passworded
      • Guild Leaders & Officers (or equivalent) have moderation rights within that channel
      • Users can be assigned guild tags on TeamSpeak to represent their guild when attending events
    • Guilds can also use any of the following utilities:
      • An infocard on our guild page, with a join button with an integrated application system, forum link, and custom page link
      • A guild subforum

    Guild Requirements

    • Guilds are required to follow community rules, even within their private channels
    • Community guilds must be committed to OpenCommunity's message of positivity and creating a positive change in the video game community
    • Guilds have to keep a line of communication with OpenCommunity (either through Guild Leaders, Officers, or other representatives), via the OC discord 
      • This is to make sure guilds are properly accommodated and represented within the community, as well as letting us know if a guild is disbanding or taking a hiatus.
    • Community guilds should have an internal structure in place with which they can reliably inform their guild of upcoming major community events.
    • Guilds should be aware they are representing the community even when not doing community events
    • Guilds are NOT required to provide commanders or coordinate events in order to qualify as community guilds


    • Community members may be in any number of community guilds at the same time
      • Guilds are not allowed to prevent their members from joining another OC guild
    • Community guilds watch each other's backs - warning each other of problematic members.
    • Community guilds promise to deal with members internally after a complaint has been issued.
      • Complaints are generally directed to a guild leader or officer, who can then resolve the issue internally.
    • Community guilds shouldn't give their members special treatment before other OC members, including but not limited to:
      • Giving members that have been banned from OC platforms covert access or ways to bypass bans
      • Giving people a way around OC requirements for events, such as taxiing people through guild chat into a TS-only event


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    We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

    Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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