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How To Deal With Trolls in Guild Wars 2

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Hey everyone!

Even in Guild Wars 2, you can sometimes encounter some bad apples - but there are many ways to prevent them from spoiling the bunch! So what can you do if you ever find yourself in a situation where another player is being toxic and is trying to make the whole thing unfun for everyone else?

There are 3 easy steps you can take to deal with most trolls, and we've added two extra for those particularly pesky ones!

Basic Steps:

  1. Do not engage them
  2. Block them
  3. Report them

Extra Steps:

  1. Contact an OC Commander, Moderator, or Staff Member
  2. Open a GW2 Support Ticket




Step #1 - Do not engage them

What is the one thing trolls want? Attention. They want to know they've made you uncomfortable, angry, or frustrated. Whenever possible, simply ignoring them is usually the best way of getting rid of them. In fact, pretty much any online guide on dealing with trolls will tell you this as the first point, so whenever possible, simply don't engage, ignore them, and move on with your day.



Step #2 - Block them

Guild Wars 2 has a very nifty block feature, which you can use to permanently disable trolls that focus on verbal harassment. Blocking a person means they cannot private-message you or send you mails. For most trolls, this is usually end of the line.


To block someone, simply right click on them in the chatlog or select them and right click on their portrait, and select the "Block" option.



Step #3 - Report them

Guild Wars 2 also has an in-game report feature for verbal harassment. If you experience any such thing, you can file a report easily. When harassment like this happens in a public space like map chat or say chat, multiple reports go a long way, so always remember to send in the complaint.


To report someone, first right click on them in the chatlog or select them and right click on their portrait, and select the "Report" option, then select the appropriate report option from the Player Conduct Report popup.

There are many different report options, however you'll most commonly experience "Verbal Abuse" when dealing with trolls.

The other report options are useful in other situations, though, so it's good to know them.


Warning: Never file bogus complaints. ArenaNet inspects chat logs, and false complaints could get you in trouble rather than the troll.



Step #4 - Contact an OpenCommunity commander, Moderator, Community Manager or Admin

If this is happening in-game during an OC event, always make sure that the commander commanding is made aware of the issue.

If this is happening via any OC platform (our Teamspeak server, Discord or website), notify the commander or a Moderator, Community Manager or Admin.

We do not have access to chatlogs, so always remember to take screenshots!

At the very least, doing this means we can put the person on our watchlist, ensuring all our Community guilds are aware of them!



Step #5 - Open a support ticket with ArenaNet

If the nature of the trolling is more complex than straightforward verbal harassment, consider opening a support ticket. This is particularly useful in cases of long-term or repeated harassment!

To submit a ticket to support, go to help.guildwars2.com, log in, and click on "SUBMIT A TICKET". Choose the "In-Game Issue" option and fill in the relevant information.

If this is affecting an entire OC event, you can also contact the commander who was commanding and forward them things like offender names and screenshots so that they can add them to their ticket.

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