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November 28th - New Raid HYPE!!!

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The new raid is happening! \o/

...and we want to of course explore as much of it as we can! :D To give us all plenty of time, we will not schedule any regular raids for the entire week. Instead, we'll send in a team of brave explorers to scout the terrain and bring back as much intelligence as they can manage on what awaits us inside.

If you want to be part of the company of pioneers, you can sign up to one of the expeditions we will be launching throughout the week. Don't be sad, however, if you aren't picked as a member of the team right at the start. As there tend to be loads of casualties in the course of all great explorations, we will need a lot of fresh adventurers to make up for the losses in between and you might get to join in later.

If you don't feel confident or brave enough to join the explorers, or don't get a spot right away, you can still join in the HYPE by listening in on TeamSpeak and keeping up with their progress... and casualty reports. Or you can try to launch your own expedition with other adventurers you meet on TeamSpeak... no promises though, only very few raiders are brave enough to step into The Unknown.


The Masterplan! (a.k.a. the Expedition Schedule)

A list of all expeditions you can join can be found on our Raid Schedule, but here's an overview for your convenience :D Please read the raid description of at least one of them before signing up, though, as there is additional information contained!





We might add further explorations later that week. If you can't be there for the entire duration, you can sign up anyway! We might loose some players in between and will need to replace them, so it is good to know who to ask ;) (And yes, we are aware that some of those raids are technically already on the next day. We just decided that for us the next day is after sleeping :P)


Join us on TeamSpeak!

Even if you won't be able to participate, you are welcome to join the raid channel on TeamSpeak to listen in and to be available should a spot open up. However, as the participants need to concentrate on the raid, please do not interrupt, even if there is silence in the channel for a while. The active raid channel will be heavily moderated if necessary.

We know it is normally considered polite to greet people or say your goodbyes when leaving, but in this case, please don't! :$ 

We will also create a channel to hang out in with other raiders, so that you can share news or find some teammates to explore the new raid with on your own.


Preparing for the Expedition!

As most of us are going to devote our full attention to the new raid starting Tuesday evening, I am sure a lot of us would like to get the clearing of the "old" encounters for this week out of the way before that happens :D So at least for the people crazy enough to already start gaming in the early afternoon (like us), we've scheduled a special kill run here. Join us and lets wipe the floor with those pesky old-timers :D 



That's about it in regard to the plan! :D Don't forget to pack your warm underwear and chamomile tea, because it looks like it's gonna be cold and...

Let's do this thing! \o/

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Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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