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Screenshot Reenactment Challenge - December 2017

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Hey folks!


So we had the first monthly Screenshot Reenactment Challenge in November, and figured we should announce the winner of that one with the things for December! >:3

The winner of November's Screenshot Reenactment Challenge and the Ghostly Infusion that comes with it is drkshk!

Congratulations! ^_^



Now, for December!

The rules of the challenge are the same as last month :)

  • The locations can be on any map, including Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire maps
  • The locations are accessible by running, jumping, gliding and using basic mount abilities (no leaps, Griffon mounts or other tricks required)
  • Cheap tonics or bundle items that can be obtained through the trading post or from vendors in the world may be used
  • Character race / class matching is not a requirement, a 100% match can score you points, but original solutions will also be rewarded
  • Only one entry per person is allowed, in case multiple screenshots were posted we'll judge the first one submitted


There's two ways to go about it:

  • Perfect Recreation, which we'll judge by location, angle, number of characters, just how close to the original your image gets
  • Creativity, which we will judge by the originality of your idea, your ability to recreate the screenshot closely with different elements and the quality of any jokes you throw in there :D


Another thing before we let you in on the screenshots. This month, we're also already telling you what you get for winning! :3 So, as the TT Team, we're giving away this loosely TT themed bundle :D 


The great sword Cobalt, the Annelid Rifle Skin and a Crimson Lion weapon skin of your choice!


And now for the last thing you'll need, the screenshot itself:

"Hurry before it runs away!"



Get going and good luck! B|

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I'm sorry to inform you, but those 3 naughty little asura are responsible of Santa's death. RIP Christmas...


Couldn't you pick instead a warm cozy cottage with a fireplace, you bad kids? >:( ... When Santa saw that wurm messing with his reindeer, he had to show him who's the boss! ... that might have worked if Santa would go outside more often than once per year instead of eating cookies all day long. :| Oh well... At least we still have Tixx! :D

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