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Secret Santa!

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As part of our Wintersday celebrations we've running an OpenCommunity Secret Santa!

Secret Santa is a gift-giving practice that involves people anonymously giving & receiving presents! So basically, you send a present that someone else will receive, and you receive a present from someone else! :D


So how to participate?

All you have to do is send an in-game mail to Saiface.7834 with the subject "Secret Santa" and the present you'd like someone else to receive. You can also add your account name with the numbers (Name.1234) in the mail to make sorting easier!

Please note that the present should fit the following guidelines:

  • The present should be at least 5 gold in value
  • The present should be one item or a single stack
  • The present should be an actual item, and not just in-game gold

Sending in a present automatically means you will also receive a present from someone else!

Presents can be sent in until the 24th of December, and they will start being sent to their recipients on the 25th!


Merry Wintersday!

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