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Screenshot Reenactment Challenge - February 2018

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January has passed and as we enter into February it's time to unveil our new Monthly Screenshot Reenactment Challenge!

But first, we'd like to announce the winner of January's Screenshot Challenge! Congratulations to @llandshark, who won a Mini Karka Hatchling, a Karka Helm Skin and a Southsun Remembrance Package! Enjoy :D 


The rules are the same as always:

  • The locations can be on any map, including Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire maps
  • The locations are accessible by running, jumping, gliding and using basic mount abilities (no leaps, Griffon mounts or other tricks required)
  • Cheap tonics or bundle items that can be obtained through the trading post or from vendors in the world may be used
  • Character race / class matching is not a requirement, a 100% match can score you points, but original solutions will also be rewarded
  • Only one entry per person is allowed, in case multiple screenshots were posted we'll judge the first one submitted
  • You have time until February 28th to enter your screenshot


We'll be judging the screenshots in two different categories:

  • Recreation: How closely did you match the location and what the people in the picture are doing? This includes emotes, number of players, use of bundle items (if applicable), but also camera angle, field of view, day/night and such! Race / class matching will only be used in the event of a tie.
  • Creativity: If you thought it would be too boring to just recreate a screenshot someone else already made, you can decide to rather work with the theme and hand in some original interpretation!


What you can win:

We wanted to give away something useful and because of that decided that this month, you can win an Ascended Piece of Armor or an Ascended Weapon of your choice!

This is a bit complicated, as ascended items are account bound, so we will supply you with everything you need to craft it yourself. You will however need the appropriate crafting discipline on level 500 and should you choose a stat combination where the insignia/inscription is account bound, you'll need the recipe. But other than that we'll cover all the materials you'll need.


And here's our screenshot for February 2018:

Who let the Slublings out?!?


Good luck and have fun o/

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Since there have been some questions about this, I'll clarify the intention of the prize :D 

We are talking about normal, craft-able ascended items - not precursors or special skins. The intention of the prize as stated was to give the winner something useful, thus it is focused on the functionality ;) 

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Why do you take pictures of those filthy slublings? Quaggans are much cutter and can dance while flying.

2018-02-21 (1).jpg

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