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Crusader Kings Shenanigans!

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It thought I'd start a thread about everyone's favorite familicide simulator.

People in this game always get up to all sorts of shenanigans (as evidenced by the existence of this reddit) so I thought it'd be nice for people to share their cool / silly stuff.

I've not managed to bug anything crazy yet myself (no pregnant kings here), BUT I was quite proud of one of my daughters in this game and thought I'd share :D 


She was the marshal of her father's empire for most of her life, and by the time he died, so did all of her brothers who were eligible for the crown.


As Empress, she continued having the highest martial score in the realm, and fought numerous holy wars against the Abbasids and various Indian rulers. While not managing to conquer Jerusalem, she did conquer Sinai and cut off Egypt from the Abbasid Empire, causing an independence war which left both enemies weakened.

She died in the year 1124 at age 70, ruling for relatively short amount of time - only 23 years, during which time she expanded the territories of the realm more than any ruler before her, and twice the amount of her father who ruled for 58 years. 118 years later, her great great grandson managed to fully retake all of Jerusalem from the Abbasids, restoring Israel in 1242.

Oh, also, the son of the guy who restored Israel has a weak claim on the Abbasid Empire, so things are about to get interesting ck2_forumicon.png:D

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Update: I managed to get a claim on the Abbasid Empire (the largest existing empire), and after waiting patiently, they had some internal instability, so I invaded them.



Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :D 

However, the succession laws of the Empires are different (in the previously Abbasid Empire, women cannot inherit, and inheritance is Gavelkind rather than Primogeniture), which means when I die, my direct heir may not inherit it, so I must work to change the laws before I die :P 

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So @Yuudai and I have been playing CK2 a lil bit since the new update and I figured I'd put up some choice screenshots here from time to time.

The newest update allows the player to create random rulers & titles, as well as a funky setting that creates some very interesting animal rulers 😄 


I naturally picked the Ruler Whomst Is Cat, and Yuudai went for the doggo of the prestigious dynasty of Goodboy.


I didn't take a screenshot of the world right at the start but this is pretty much near it 😛 


The glowy bit is Yuudai's and the amber bit is mine. We actually didn't plan on being neighbors but that's where the doggos and the cats live 😄 


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Since we started playing, there have been some developments 😄 

This is still a slightly old screenshot. I should remind @Yuudai to remind me to take some screenshots of our new realms next time we play 😄 



Also, in our multiplayer games, the names may have taken a slight turn.



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