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Hello there

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Hello everybody.

Tcha, here I am. An 34 years old guy from Germany. I had started with the game nearly five and a half month ago. It got installed on the evening before my birthday and I still think the game was the best "present for myself" ever. A friend of mine played GW2 since the beginning. I was interested in it a long time, too. But for quite a while there were a lot of other priorities. But in January there was an offer I couldn't resist. ^^

For me are the Charr the favourite species in the game. Three of my five characters are these big militant furballs. In my opinion this culture is perfect to embody the three heavy armored classes. And the warrior as my first one is still my favourite of them. The other two are also on lvl 80 but not final in design and/or build.

Additional to them there is an Asura thief and a human engineer. Last one was created to look like Tony Stark. ;) But they are still work in progress.

At the moment I prefer to play PvE including boss events and the story. I had just tried PvP once and WvW is still remaining.

I really hope, my english is good enough for the forum. I don't use it often enough at work. And so it became a little bit "dusty" over time.

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