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Triple Trouble Team 2.0!

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Hey everyone!

In September 2017 we relaunched the Event Team with Event Team 2.0, a really successful relaunch that allowed us to schedule open world events with a brand new team, with a brand new structure, and a brand new approach! That's a lot of brands!

The Triple Trouble Team last received a general update in 2016, and since then, a lot of things have changed, and we've also learned a lot, both from Triple Trouble, as well as from our Event Team relaunch, and as such, we want to apply what we've learned to the Triple Trouble Team as well!


However, we know you guys want to keep doing Triple Trouble, so we decided that unlike with Event Team 2.0, we are not going to be taking a break! The Event Team relaunch took us 2 months, and that was a long time with no events, so rather than releasing all our changes in one big go and pausing the team in the meantime, we've decided to roll out changes as we develop them in the next 1-2 months, involving all team members in the discussion!


What's changing?

The main improvements / changes we want to make are to our structure and our attitude! We don't want Triple Trouble to become a routine for people, so we want to focus on making sure the event is fun and dynamic, and we also want to cultivate an even more friendly, fun, and open atmosphere on Teamspeak!

You've actually already seen some of minor changes happen - we recently moved the start time from XX:20 to XX:30, to cut down on unnecessary waiting time, and improved our taxi routine to be smoother and faster!

Aside from improving the event for members, we also want to improve it for our commanders! With our structure update, we're hoping to create a space for all types of commanders - new commanders who wish to learn, experienced commanders who just wish to command, and commanders with a desire to be more deeply involved with the community and the team!


More Details?

If you're curious about a more detailed rundown of the new outline we have planned structure-wise, you can find it in the spoiler tag here:


New Structure

  • Trainee
  • Commander
  • Senior Commander


A trainee is the rank members get when first joining the team. During this time, they learn not only how to command the event, but also how to use the whisperlist and engage the community to ensure that people come out of the event feeling satisfied and happy.

There is no minimum or maximum time for someone to be a trainee, it can be as short or as long as someone needs!

Trainees should always, if possible, be accompanied by a Commander or Senior Commander, so that they do not feel intimidated by the event and have a safety net if necessary! More experienced Trainees can do runs alone, however, it is important that members don’t get stuck as a trainee for extended periods of time. If a trainee is able to run wurms alone, then they are most likely ready or at least close to ready for a Commander tag.



Commanders are team members who are able to run the event by themselves, understand the basics and are able to deal with a certain amount of unexpected situations.

This rank is most suitable for people whose main priority is focusing on commanding TT.


Senior Commander

Senior Commanders are those who are interested in, and have time to put in more than commanding TT. These are people interested in making decisions, and are the main decision-making body of the team. That being said, the voices of Commanders and Trainees are not to be ignored, and Senior Commanders should represent them as well.

In addition, in order to ensure that the TT Team is well represented in the OC Staff, at least one Senior Commander should be made a member of staff at OC.


Mentor System

Trainees should not learn from a single person, and as such, there is no permanent direct mentorship. Trainees and their progress should be followed by a number of different Commanders and Senior Commanders, to avoid cliques or persistent gaps of knowledge or commanding focus.

However, when a trainee joins the team, they will be assigned a mentor who follows their progress. During this time, the mentor evaluates the trainee’s progress, both from personal feedback as well as collecting feedback from others, and the trainee’s own self-evaluation. The mentor can then submit their evaluation of the trainee, giving them a run-down of things they’ve already accomplished, and things they should work on to get the full tag. To get a second opinion and perspective, a different mentor can be assigned after this evaluation if needed.

To be eligible to mentor others, a commander does not have to be a Senior Commander, however, Senior Commanders are the ones in charge of mentors.


Weekly Meetups

Weekly meetups are an important way for the team to get together outside of an event, where the majority of time is spent in separate channels. It’s a place to review, discuss changes, as well as plan events for the future, including special events.

Weekly attendance is not mandatory, although most Senior Commanders are expected to come relatively regularly, as well as any team members who wish to pitch in ideas or suggestions.



The Team will have several team-related discord channels - for general team discussion, planning & discussing upcoming TTs (cancelling), feedback, as well as anything else the team feels like they need. The discord should be an auxiliary method of communication, not the main method - we wish to keep things personal with the team, rather than feeling like a work environment!

It can be particularly helpful for small notes and catching up, as well as useful to those who miss a weekly meetup and still wish their voice to be heard! 


One of the biggest changes we're hoping to bring to the team is a lot of brand new team members, and this is where you come in!



Become a part of something new!

This is an exciting time in the development of our TT Team, and it's a perfect time for anyone who's interested in joining, as you can play a part in shaping the community's future directly!

If you're considering joining the team, go to our signup form, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments or message me privately!

Join the Team!

And don't worry, the signup can merely be you saying you're interested - we can then talk one on one to iron out any details and questions you may have!



Hoping to be inundated with applications,

~Lelling, the OC Staff and the TT Team!

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Just wanted to add to this to say that if you're considering joining, but are concerned that you don't have the confidence to speak in channel, the structure of the team is such that you will be eased into it gently and only once you feel ready. Many people (myself included) have noticed a massive improvement to self-confidence and public-speaking ability as a result of learning how to voice command in GW2!

Remember the sign-up isn't a commitment, just an expression of interest and a chance to chat to @Lelling about what's involved 😄

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We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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