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June 2018 Website Update - New Features!

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Hey everyone!

During the Community Assembly in January we announced some changes and new features that would be available on our website shortly. After a multitude of unfortunate delays ? we are now finally able to release the first part of the promised new content ?

Our primary aim is to simplify registration and signups for group events, like raids, fractals and dungeons. In order to make the changes we have in mind possible, we need to add some functionality to our existing website first. This extension is the base for those changes. It includes: 

Guild Wars 2 Accounts

Members can now add their Guild Wars 2 accounts to their profiles. Accounts can be specified either manually by name, or even through an API Key. This feature will eventually replace many of the fields where players have to keep manually entering their account names, including the raid signups.

  • If entered by name, accounts will be verified by our staff members manually (which might take some time).
  • Guild Wars 2 accounts are displayed in the profile sidebar and member's hovercards.
  • There is an option to keep the account completely hidden from other members. Administrators and Moderators that might need to know your account name (like members of the Raid Team when you sign up to raids) will still be able to see it, though. Guests do not have access to your information.
  • In order to add a Guild Wars 2 account to your member account, go to your Account Settings. There should now be an extra tab called "Guild Wars 2 Accounts". Enter your data and click "Save".

API Keys

We've added GW2 API integration to our website, so members are now able to activate GW2 API keys for a number of extra features on the website!

  • Entering an API Key allows members to show additional information about their account and their characters on their profile pages.
  • All of the information can be either fully or partially hidden from other members.
  • If you want to check out what can be displayed before adding anything, you can look at my profile.

Basic Builds

Basic Builds are a minimalist approach to getting to know some basic details about what kind of character someone signs up to a group event with. They allow our group leaders to quickly decide how to set up a balanced group when processing signups to group events.

  • Basic Builds can be added to your member account from the overview and are afterwards visible in your profile.
  • You aren't limited to our predefined builds, but can freely create any other builds you might also have, or add those created by other members. You can read up the details on the About Basic Builds page.
  • Basic Builds aren't used yet, but in the future you will be able to sign up to group events simply by selecting an appropriate build - so no more hidden comments and copy & pasting your information from previous signups ?


If you have any questions about any of the changes, or encounter a bug, please send me a message or reply to this post!

I hope you enjoy the changes ?

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Many of you are probably wondering where the overall Achievement Points of your accounts are ? It is correct that they aren't displayed currently. Here's the reason (it gets a bit technical):

When requesting information from the GW2 API, it only gives you the Daily and Monthly AP. In order to get the overall AP, you need to retrieve a list of all achievements an account has. This list only gives you an ID and a tier, but not the points, and it is a long list. We then need to obtain the list of all available achievements and go through it to figure out how many points the achievement on that tier is worth and then add all that up. This gets a bit complicated when looking at repeatable achievements.

Because of this, and because we thought other things are currently more important, we decided to deal with that later. So overall achievement points will be added in a future update ?

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Because there was a question about how the privacy settings affect what other members see on the profile, I made a small change.

When you view your own profile, there is now a button at the bottom labeled "View as Stranger". This lets you view your profile page as other members would see it so that you can easily test whether nothing is visible that shouldn't be.

Additionally, your account name on the profile sidebar and hovercard are now shown in red, should the account be completely hidden from other users.

I hope this helps ?

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