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Minecraft Event Types 1.0!

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Hey everyone!

Our initial plan was to just roll these events out without announcing our ideas for them in advance, but due to the lag-related delays, and in the interest of sharing our plans a little bit more, I wanted to make a little post about some of the events, or rather event types, that we had in mind - both for peeps to look forward to and for anyone who's thinking about joining the team to see a little bit of what we'd need help with!

Right now, we've got three main event concepts:


Monthly Events

So, the main event idea has always been that we'd have an event where everyone gets together and does something every month. These would be various events that the team would come up with, and this is what the MC team would reserve the majority of its creativity for, and each event would be something new and fun to do!

These can include various events, from things such as the Dragon Raid, a boat race, the building / memory game (some people might remember us running that once ages ago), custom-built dungeons, brawls, and whatever else the team comes up with ^^ We have a couple concepts for these already, but mostly this is open to the creativity of the team members!


Building Challenges

This is a cool new concept that would help encourage development of hubs in a fun & dynamic way - basically, a community-wide building challenge issued by a hub, for which the community as a whole gets a reward in the form of a special addition to the hub.

For example, the Medieval Hub could have a posting saying "A blackmith is looking to settle in town, and the town has issued a request for the construction of a smithy" - the challenge would be to build the smithy (possibly within an alloted time), and as a reward, a custom NPC would be added to town with favourable trade deals. Or, for example, a chapel project, which would then be occupied by a priest selling a book of Mending, building a shipyard for a delivery of materials, etc. Upgrades could even include things such as the much requested sand pit that refills over time or a mine where players can pick up an order of ore.

The building challenges are a nice alternative to the monthly scheduled events, as they aren't restricted to a specific time, so players in funky time zones or with tight schedules could participate more easily, and I think they'd add a cool unique functionality to hubs. It's also a slower-paced event, more suitable for players who don't feel as comfortable in the hustle and bustle of a 2-hour "everyone is online and everything is happening AAA" event.

The challenges could either be vague or have specific requirements, such as building size or location. The frequency & duration of challenges depends on the popularity of the idea ^^ When a challenge is issued, some materials could also be provided to encourage building, but we're not sure whether players would enjoy gathering all the mats and building the thing from start to finish or whether some materials should be provided. Let us know what you think!

The main concern we have with this event is that outside of these events, hubs would not see any construction, as players would just wait until a challenge was issued to not "waste" building time on something there isn't a reward for. The hope is that the challenges would encourage construction, as opposed to railroad it.


Treasure Hunts

Randomly scattering treasures around the world is one thing (that we'll probably keep doing), but the idea behind treasure hunt events is slightly different - a treasure (or more? Depending on how popular the event is it might be better to place more so people don't all scramble for one and then it's game over when it's found) would be placed somewhere in the world at a marked location, and a screenshot of the location and / or a hint would be shared. After a while, further clues would be posted, until the treasure is found.

It's a pretty straightforward event that's also easy to run and can be easily repeated without a lot of prep, and can thus happen more often than the other two, even with a small team. And hopefully the treasures would be hidden well enough that it would take more than a few hours to find them after the first clue has been posted, which again would benefit people who cannot be online around the general times events are usually scheduled. Events like these also allow us to add more non-renewable items (such as elytras and totems of undying) into the game without making them farmable.



These are the three event type concepts that we've got for now - there's always more ideas to be had and we'd love to hear them, and there's also some other ideas that we want to try to do, but that depend on what the members of the the Minecraft team will be feeling up to!

So, overall, I hope you guys like the ideas. Our main goal was to come up with different types of events for different types of players, as well as something that offers a new exciting event every month without overworking a small team ^^

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