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Dawn of Man

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Everyone who's heard me talk about wanting to make my dream game could suspect that I'd absolutely want to check out Dawn of Man 😄 It uses so many of the elements I wanted to see in what I would one day hope to make, and I've been having some fun playing it!



Dawn of Man is a survival city builder where you get to build an ancient settlement - hunt, gather, and eventually discover agriculture and metalworking and all the good things! It's really cool and handles certain things really well, like how you learn tech points by doing things (particularly doing new things), or the intuitive and useful mix of micromanagement vs. automation.

Overall, it's a really cool indie title and I'd definitely recommend checking it out on Steam.


Here's some screenshots from my game so far - I love a good timelapse 😄 

20190304201421_1.jpg 20190304201520_1.jpg 20190304201623_1.jpg 20190304202612_1.jpg 20190304234823_1.jpg 20190305000821_1.jpg 20190305010641_1.jpg


If anyone else picks it up, let me know! Show me your settlement!

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Some more developments have happened since the last time, including the construction of a Stonehenge-esque thing and some stone walls, and the expansion of farmlands! I'm having some trouble fitting everything in one screenshot though 😄 



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So after some trials and tribulations, and a case of starvation I had to load from, I finished this challenge and completed all the milestones 😄 

This was my village's final form 😄


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