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Let's learn how to draw - with Pub Draw!

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So, despite spending most of my school days doodling away and actually spending more time drawing than taking notes, @Wolfie can tell you that I never actually practiced any techniques, and that's painfully apparent in my anatomy, hairy lines, and just general lack of consistency, so I thought it would be really cool to actually learn how to draw with some basic techniques, and it might actually improve my skill ? 

Enter Pub Draw

And lo and behold, just recently, Critical Role came out with this brand new show called Pub Draw, where seasoned artist Babs Tarr teaches Marisha Ray (and occasional guests) how to draw! The goal of the show is to basically teach us how to draw a character - like your D&D character - over the course of a couple episodes, so it'll even have some cool stuff for drawing other races!

I thought it would be really cool to follow the show and post what I've managed to cook up, and maybe some other people might want to join in too! Don't be shy!

Here's Episode 1:

Because this is a live show, it does have a little bit of extra chat, but during the actual drawing it's nice cause it gives you time to draw and catch up ? Here are some useful timestamps though:

  • 5:30 to skip the start and the sponsor shoutout
  • 13:00 to skip the intro (which is mostly going through tools and encouragement ? )
  • 15:57 to jump straight into it and start drawing! ?



Also, if you want to do some extra credit, before Pub Draw became a show, Babs and Marisha actually already did a similar drawing lesson, which basically functioned as a pilot for this show. It's basically the same procedure as in this first episode, but I also watched that one because I thought the practice would be good ?


The episodes come out once every 2 weeks, and so far there's only been I think two or three, so once we catch up there'll be plenty of time between each episode for everyone to participate without a huge time pressure!

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And here's what I drew after Episode 1! I didn't draw Keyleth, the character they're drawing, instead I went for a merfolk, cause I love drawing merfolk! ? ? She's not very symmetrical, but rather than keep erasing and fixing things, I figured I'd focus more on working with my errors, noticing them, and then trying not to repeat them when drawing something else.


If you want, come along on this journey and let's have some fun! If anyone else is following the tutorial, post what you drew ?

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I'm way too busy to start these but they've been on my watch later -list since the beginning. Maybe I find motivation for this from this discussion. I really would love to learn to draw but I've always been "too busy, too bad, too critical" etc to actually do it... Maybe now is the time.

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20 minutes ago, mirrorsand said:

Maybe now is the time.

Sylvari NPC voice: "Seize the moment!" :GW2_Sylvari:

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Hey hey!

It is Wendesday, so it's time for another episode of Pub Draw!

I was a bit worried that if we do it every week it'll be too fast, but turns out that some of the episodes will be practising and improving stuff we've already learned, with some advanced techniques. It also features Laura drawing on a tablet, so anyone who's not using paper, now you wont feel left out! ? 

This episode is another head drawing episode, this time it's from a slightly different angle, so that we can better learn how to work with heads as an actual 3D object rather than just flat faces drawn from straight ahead.


  • 2:08 - Skip the ad
  • 3:30 - Intro
  • 6:15 - Start drawing

If they're gonna keep starting so quickly, I don't think I'll keep including timestamps ? 

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This time I decided draw the same character that they were drawing, mostly because I wanted to try and draw a specific face, and because HORNS! But, because we're so busy with all the various announcements, changes, and the Community Assembly, I'm probably not going to be able to finish her this weekend, so here's my sketch!


I tried drawing her way bigger than I'm used to, mostly so I get to focus on details.

As a bonus, earlier, I also did some practice drawing the faces straight on. The top two were based on the same scary terry, and were mostly a practice of differentiating the same base. These are also twice the sizes of faces I usually draw, and I'm quite pleased with them tbh ? The one on the bottom left is an even bigger face, and I wanted to try an expression. It's the first time in a long time that I've drawn an open mouth of any sort (the last one I drew made @Wolfie yawn every time she looked at it), and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out ? 


I got distracted and also drew the dude's body ?. As you can see by the eraser smudges, the hand on the hip gave me tons of trouble ? 

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