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Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 Hangout!

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Hey everyone!

It's time for our largest club yet - the Guild Wars 2 club!

GW2 Forum Header.png


Joining the Club

If you're already familiar with IPS clubs from our Creators' Corner, or Let's Game club, you'll be familiar with the functionalities here. If not, let's get right into it!

To start posting, all you have to do is click on the "Join Club" button on the top right. Then you're in and you can start posting straight away. This doesn't have to be manually confirmed, so you can automatically join without any wait times.

Note: If you posted any threads in any of the old Guild Wars 2 forums, you were automatically added to the club. You can leave and/or rejoin at will.


Clubs offer a variety of really cool features, allowing players to pick and choose which sections of the community they're interested in and participate there, rather than be met with a flurry of forums every time they load the page. The GW2 features all of the previous Guild Wars 2 discussion boards, as well as a brand new GW2 screenshot gallery, both for personal screenshots and for events!


Discussion Boards

  • Tyrian Tavern
    • The general GW2 chat on our forums, for all and any discussions related to Guild Wars 2! This board contains all the posts from the Tyrian Tavern forum, as well as everything from the previously separate Raids forum, now both merged into one.
  • Guides
    • The place to drop guides of any sort relating to anything in Guild Wars 2!
  • GW2 Questions
    • Converted from the old Raid Q&A, the new GW2 Questions section is open to anyone to ask and answer questions related to Guild Wars 2!


The Gallery

The gallery offers a new and easier way to share screenshot and moments from Guild Wars 2! Whether it's screenshots from your personal exploits, or memories from a community event, here's the place to post them!

To start posting, you can either create your own album, or, in case of community events, choose an existing one!

create album.png

Once you've created the album, you can upload images to it at will, and users will be able to comment individually on pictures, or on the entire album. You can also post updates or link to the album from anywhere else on the website.


Follow the Content You Enjoy!

In IPS, you can follow any content - be it a specific thread, a board, a gallery, or even an entire club! Simply click on the "Follow" button, usually found in the top right corner of any post, forum, gallery, or any other content, and you'll be able to pick how, when, and where you receive notifications regarding that specific content.



You can follow and unfollow any content at will, and can even set to follow content without other members being able to ese!


Give Feedback & Share Suggestions

Clubs are very flexible, and can be changed according to our needs as a community, so if the current set up ends up being not exactly what we need, it can be expanded, contracted, or reworked in a way that makes it more convenient to use!

Comment to let us know what you think about the features and whether you find them useful, or if anything is missing!


As always, if there are any issues, you can message me here on the website directly, or reply to this thread!

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We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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