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Enough Lurking! Hi! :D

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Hey there!

I've been in the guild for a couple of weeks now, getting the feel of events and things in general.

So my name is Isak, generally going by the name Xacko when I'm online, and I'm a 24 year old guy from Sweden.
I work shifts so the time I'm online differs from week to week. :P

I've been playing games since I was a toddler more or less, older brothers introduced me very early. I play all kinds of games, but generally prefer singleplayer games since I'm not competitive at all. I still do play some Heroes of the Storm evey now and then though. :P

I've been playing the original Guild Wars since the realease of Nightfall, and I will probably never spend as many hours into any other game. I still go back to it every now and then for a nostalgia kick! 
I did buy GW2 on launch, but wasn't able to play the game couse of studies until after the end of living world season 1. :/
Since then I've been fairly active, keeping up with events and such. I really like lore and story so I'm happy to discuss those. And not just in GW but for any game, even if I havent played it myself. :)
My characters ingame dosen't really have any defining part of the name that covers all of them. All my secondary characters have a second name that contains shadow in some form, but my 2 main characters, Xacko and Lebithina, dont... But they are a Thief and a Necro so they utilise shadows in other ways! :P 

Outside of work and the whole gaming thing I dont really do much. I'm kinda into animé, but I dont really follow any new releases or such. If I find one that seems interesting I watch it. :P 

But yeah, thats a short about me. I'm usualy somewhere on TS if I'm online ingame.
I dont really seek conversations myself, couse thats how I am, but feel free to poke me! I do still like to talk! :)


See you all in Tyria!


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