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Recess is over!

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Heya guys,

my name is Ramon and I am a 23 year old teacher from the Netherlands and I was born on the best day ever.  Most people know me by my in-game name of Káweh
I teach English at a college which specializes in training nurses, doctor's assistants, pharmacy assistants, etc. 
I am an avid reader and thoroughly enjoy English novels from any genre, really. One of my favourite authors is David Mitchell, writer of Cloud Atlas.  
I also absolutely love traveling and have spent a year backpacking through Europe and spent most of my time in Scandinavia. Actually ended up living in Helsinki for a few months!
As for music, I listen to anything really, as long as it tickles my fancy. Punk however remains my greatest love <3
Any questions, urges to profess your undying love to me or other such pleasantries are welcome ^^

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Welcome to the Forums Kaweh! :) I'm sad to let you know that I have no undying love to profess, though I appreciate the mention of my country (Finland, woop woop!). ^-^

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