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A guide for annoying map-completion places

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We all know this feeling: you are doing map completion, you are standing on a PoI but it doesn't activate, you checked the close area for holes or anything that could help you but it just wont do :(. Fear no more! In this guide i want to show some of the parts of MC that i found to be just plain evil towards the small player that just wants to finish the map.

if you know any places that you would like to see in this guide just say so and i shall add them^^


Gendarran Fields:

Quaggankeep Channel

This PoI is a Quaggen village combined within a tunnel that connects a lake with the river. When you come here for the first time you might try to find the point on the surface, but you will only find some green hills there.



Kessex Hills:

Togatl Grounds

You would think that this is an easy PoI since it's on an island, but no! In fact it is a hylek village located under the island. The tricky part is that the entry is on the landpart next to it and even there it is rather hidden. The entry is underwater so if you just swim to the heart you will probably never see it ;)



Dredghaunt Cliffs:

Esjudare Scratch

This time we visit a skritt village. It is located in a cave under the mountain. At first you might try and climb the mountain or find an entry around it but the actuall entry is further away and lets you explore a short ice tunnel before you reach the village



Snowden Drifts:

Jorand's Sluice

This tunnel is easy compared to the other canidates. Just a plain icy tunnel with a funny Quaggen even the entry is fairly obvious (still took me forever when i first came here)



Frostgorge Sound:

Iron Horse Mines

Now we are visiting a submerged drege mine filled with wurms and drege. The entry is located south of a kodan fort. Getting to the entry requires a bit of jumping over some blockades but from there you can run/swim straight to the Mine



Iron Marches:

Spentlung Depth

Now you may think:" Ha Ha! i got you. There is a tunnel somewhere that i need to find". Sadly that is not the case :(. This is simply a weird design decision that i dont understand, but we will need more than just a map picture for this one.

You have to look for this small opening in the rock formation south of the PoI.




After i finished writing this guide i realised that most of these points are much easyer to find since Anet added the (above/below) marker but i hope someone will still find this helpfull. :)

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