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On 05/11/2016 at 1:09 PM, Xaverri said:

LOL, Tormund indeed :D

And hey, don't you go taking credit for your face. I'm pretty sure you parents made that!

I don't think any of the original genetic material from my prototype face is left. I am pretty sure I am now made of nothing but pizza and peanut butter molecules.


Mmm... so tasty...

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Now look at those awesome sweaters! It's december - YAAAY

Oh, and btw, this picture contains 3 DV members. ;) @MrFlowerbranch is the one furthest to the left and @auuus is the one furthest to the right. ^^ And I'm still the redhead. [Coo] represent!


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1 hour ago, Xaverri said:

I just LOVE awful Christmas sweaters!! What a fantastic picture :D Are you the male or female redhead? :P

Haha, yeah it's amazing :D It's gonna be sent out to around 200 people at the university so that's gonna be intressting xD Oh, female. Is there a male redhead? :o


1 hour ago, Sithicus said:

Looooove that group pic :D

Aaw, thank u! :D

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Just now, Jomika said:

Oh, female. Is there a male redhead? :o

Yeah, the guy in the center with the red sweater definitely qualifies as ginger/red-head :) 

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