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Tuawnee's shy introduction

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Hello there,

My name is Tuawnee, but if you find it too hard to pronounce, you can call me Johanna. ^^  I'm an 18-year-old from Finland and I started playing GW2 couple years ago and since then I haven't really had time for other games since school and gw take up most of my time but you can check out my steam if you're interested in what other games I play. ☆ I might not be very active on this forum since I'm kind of shy with my English but you can always hit me up with a private message. (´ω`)

Since I finished The Bifrost I haven't really had anything to do on gw so I hope I will find something interesting to do thru this forum~ I'm also without a guild right now which was one of my biggest reasons on joining this forum. 

I'm always ready to talk about Asian culture (Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China..) and Asian popular culture (anime, manga, cosplay, kdrama, cdrama, jdrama, twdrama, kpop etc). When I have some time on my hands I like to sew and draw. (∪ ◡ ∪) 

Nice to meet you all ☆ ! 

Edit: I guess I should mention that my main is a sylvari elementalist Tuawnee, but I do have 7 other character which I might be playing on. ^^

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