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Anime & Manga — What are YOU raving about?

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Anime and Manga – two of my favorite things to watch, read, and discuss. What my life would be without the two is hard to imagine, and I'm sure a number of members are the same. SO, with that being said, what are you into?

Current series, past series, and those yet to come – if you've got something to discuss or share, feel free.

To start any discussion if it's really needed, I have an all-time favorite anime and an all-time favorite manga — the anime being Eureka Seven, the manga being Groove Adventure Rave.

I have more, of course, and even a myanimelist profile – but I haven't updated that in a year+ so it's not too accurate, and even then it was lacking.

This season I have a lot I want to watch, but I'm only up to date on Erased, Dimension W, and Grimgar (which is far from an SAO or Log Horizon clone). There's a lot of good ones this year and it's looking like an improved year over 2015. Any thoughts on current anime or manga? How horrible Bleach is to stomach each week? How unappreciated Ao No Exorcist is each month? Post it here and get the discussion flowing! ~~

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Allright, let's go!

My all-time favourite anime is still Fullmetal Alchemist: Brootherhood and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Other than that, Angel Beats! was way better than I expected it to be. Then there are classics such as Death Note and Cowboy Bepop.

I'm also one of those dumb people who (despite everything that sucks in it) like SAO. And yes, I see why it's not a "good" anime. Yes, I still like it. I also liked Mahouka, even though the harem thing was annoying as hell.

Regarding newer anime; One Punch Man was a great manga adaptation (overall really enjoyable). I hope we get a second season.

My experience with manga is... limited. I hate waiting for new chapters as I like to do my reading in (more or less) one sitting. I read all chapters of One Piece back to back during physics classes last year and the entirety of Hunter x Hunter during various college classes this year. After that, I irregularly check for new updates and read what's there.

So if anyone's got any finished manga they really liked, I'm open to suggestions.

Other than that, in the near future (read: after finals), I plan on watching Psycho Pass, Fate and (newly added to the list, thank you Sorunji) Grimgar.

Also, what are your opinions on Mirai Nikki (those who've seen it)?

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FMA and FMA Brotherhood were my fave's too ^^

I also like Studio Ghibli (of course), the first like 100 epis of Bleach when I was younger (minus fillers) and recently Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul.

Not thaat much of an anime person anymore, I just don't appreciate the sexualisation of females and minors etc in a lot of them... but occasionally I'm in the mood to just ignore that. I also dislike reading Manga - just like things with sound and colour that's all :)

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Uhhh :D i'm going to have fun here^^

Well, my favourite anime is without a doubt Death Note. For mangas i would say One Piece since this is where the whole anime/manga thing started for me

I'm also a big fan of the Afro Samurai manga and the Hellsing Ultimate anime. Over all i would call myself a fan of the splatter genre like the Tokyo Gouhl manga or the Deadman Wonderland anime (i say anime and manga after everything since i think those are the better version of said series). From time to time i like to dive into the crime-ish stuff like the Psycho Pass anime (both seasons are amazing!), or comedy stuff like One Punch Man (both anime and manga are great :D).

I'm also a great fan of the SciFi and Cyberpunk genre like good old Cowboy Bebop or Mecha animes. Great mangas from there are Hitogatana and Gunnm (love both of them to death)

And of course SOA is bad (so boring ;_;) (Log Horizon FTW). I'm never realy got into FMA, wich i blame mostly on the political system that i just wont understand -.-

Overall i am more of an manga reader since i can just switch back to it while playing GW2. I understand the problem of waiting for chapters (i am waiting for the new chapters on 20 mangas atm, mainly bc i have the tendency to start a next manga when i reach the current end on one) but i cant help myself xD

Mirai Nikki is great! The idea seems weird at the beginning but i got into it, my main problem is the whole love story thingy that for me felt completly pointless but that might just be me...

My pc crashed while i was proofreading this post, when i came back the whole text was still here. So good job forum! Thank you for that.

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If anyone needs to waste a decent portion of their lives I reccommend watching Legend of Galactic Heroes.  It is a 100+ episode (plus several specials) space opera anime that is superb.  Once you invest time into the characters (can be a bit overwhelming with the numbers/names at first) it is definately worth it.  Cant say more because spoilers!

Berserk is also a guilty pleasure.  I can go back and watch it all the time.  If you only have 5 minutes, check out Guts vs 100.

Feng Shen Ji is a decent manga (ongoing).  The first chapters really set the tone, although I feel some characters just dont get the time they deserve. 

Psyren is one of those managas I picked up and cannot understand why it ended and still doesen't have an anime adaptation.  It did lose its way a bit, but it was an interesting story and well worth aread.

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Not the biggest connoisseur of anime but I can 100% recommend Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, it's a full movie not a series but the animation is absolutely breathtaking and the story is pretty cool too, I read the manga/novels as well and there's a lot more to it :D It honestly has some of the best animated scenes I have ever seen.

There is also Hellsing as a series which is pretty good both the classic anime and the OVAs, Alucard made for a pretty interesting character and while the animation wasn't that complex in the classic anime the story and music save alot. The OVAs are pretty gory so I don't know if there are many people that like that kind of stuff but it's really well done and creative.

As mangas I haven't read some in a loooong while but I used to be a big Shintaro Kago fan he has these really surrealistic gorey type stories that really make you think about things and the details he gives to his drawings make you really look at the art not just the story. I don't know if I would recommend him per say because people tend to get squeamish at the details he gives with the gore but he is a really good artist that shouldn't be overlooked.


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No love for Steins;Gate? That's my favorite anime for sure! INCREDIBLE story and characters (and it's 24 episodes, a movie and an OVA!) This gem is just a wild rollercoaster through and through. The feels, the story, the characters, ALL OF IT. Oh well, this might be handy for some people. BOOP! ANIMELIST, YAY!

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I love my anime and manga.

Here are a few of my favourite anime:

Angel Beats: Brilliant story, interesting characters, great character development, one of the few shows that actually had me in tears.

School Rumble: One of my most recommended shows to anyone, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it's just a great comedy.

Love Hina: My first ever anime to watch. 

Sword Art Online: Only watched it recently, and it was good. I'm actually considering to re-watch it again.

Nisekoi: Completed season 1, started with 2 now, and I just like the comedy.

One Punch Man: This is just awesome in each way. Just watch it if you haven't watched it yet.


As you might have noticed by now, I like my action/comedy shows.

I don't know why, but I just can't watch Attack on Titan... For me it should have been a mini series and as it is now, it's just boring. Animation quality is fantastic, but the characters and story is just bad. Nothing happens, people train to fight titans, and then when they must fight, they just stand there and do nothing. God Eater is a much better show to watch as it gets into the action quick and they actually fight the monsters.


Manga will come at a later date.

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On 4/15/2016 at 5:46 PM, Wafflemancer said:

No love for Steins;Gate? That's my favorite anime for sure! INCREDIBLE story and characters (and it's 24 episodes, a movie and an OVA!) This gem is just a wild rollercoaster through and through. The feels, the story, the characters, ALL OF IT. Oh well, this might be handy for some people. BOOP! ANIMELIST, YAY!

I absolutely -love- Steins;Gate. Form start to finish it's one of the best series I've ever witnessed, OVA included, and the dub is actually one of the best dubs I've ever seen. I even prefer the dub to it, which is rare to find. Probably because I watched the dub moreso than the sub during my first run. It is a fantastic series, though, and would be a top-5 for me if not for a few other contenders that came before it.

Also, I haven't updated it in over a year, but here's my MAL — http://myanimelist.net/profile/Sourunji. I will work to update it going forward! :D

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This is pretty much based on SUBBED anime and the english translations of mangas, since i think dubs are most of the time just awfull and i cant speak japanese, so views about quality may differ if youre lucky enough to understand them in their original language :)

For manga, i currently read nanatsu no taizai and do enjoy it a lot. Its about demon knights beeing hunted by their state in a middle ages fantasy world and has a good mix of fights, humor and crazy weird stuff.

Anime: currently watching dragon ball super (highly recomended if you liked db/dbz)

My pics would be:

1 steins:gate / FLCL (fooly cooly)

2 code geass

3 death note

4 FMA Brotherhood

5 Legend of Galactic Heroes

Its a hard choice between code geass and death note for me, but i had plainly more fun with cg. Others may argue about that tho. Steins:Gate still persists as my absolute fav anime. Watching it for the first time was hilarious and the story with its characters is just amazing. Felt a little bit like japanese Doctor Who. FLCL you just have to watch. Its just 6 episodes long and pure fun. I very much advise you to go in blind, every bit of information just spoils the fun. 

Others that i can definetly recommend (in no particular order) are: X:Clamp, Bleach, Dead Man Wonderland, One Piece, Naruto, Eureka Seven, Log Horizon, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Berserk, Record of Lodoss War, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Tokyo Ghoul, Kill La Kill, Claymore, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Blue Submarine No 6, Ergo Proxy, Love Hina, Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (sunday without god), Spice & Wolf, Samurai Champloo and i think thats enough for now :D
Be advised that some of them may be either graphical, old, very long, kind of childish, weird or contain ecchi elements. 

I cant recommend Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack On Titan) for now. The animation is superb, the action is intense and the general idea suits me, but somehow the delivered story was just not enough to entertain me that much. Lets see what the next part will bring. 

Log Horizon is the better version of SAO to me, but if youre into that genre i guess both are worth your time.

When i have more time i will add a list of anime movies that i made over the past years :D

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