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Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

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So, there's this awesome game called Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine and it's on sale on Steam for one more day! It's a heist game with teams of 1-4 players and it's AWESOME. YES. So, I'd love it if some people want to come rob a bank with me :ph34r:

To get an impression: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fN3gJ17c6s


Why you should buy this game: fabulous music, making fun of The French, being total bad-assses together!


See you on Steam ^_^

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I always thought Monaco looked cool, but

13 hours ago, Lelling said:

Sadly I'm broke for [...]

who knows how long.

-- Also, I don't buy co-op games because I have literally no one to play them with.

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30 minutes ago, Separator said:

I have literally no one to play them with.


I think you just broke my heart :(

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Well, I'm not the most social person, and none of my aquaintances played games. At least not that way.

But, except for gaming and moving heavy furniture, I've always prefred the company of my dog. ;). 

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For those who are interested, Felicia & Ryon Day played Monaco recently. It's a nice preview of what the game is like, accompanied with fun sibling banter.


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