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  • "All We Can Kill" Run [DONE]
    17/09/18 17:30 - 20:30

    Raid Type: Kill run
    Raid Leader: Viridian

    We'll blast these zealots back into the history books.

    In this raid we will try to clear as many encounters within the available time as possible. This means, we will give each encounter only a couple of tries and then move on in the first round and revisit them on the second round, in order to avoid getting stuck somewhere.

    We do not expect to be able to beat all encounters on the first attempt. So even if this is a kill run, please bring some patience! 😄 

    When signing up, please list any alternative professions/roles you can fill. If you are required to switch characters between encounters, please make sure to have those ready to go. We will tell you which of your characters you will need when we confirm your signup.


    The order in which we will try to clear:

    • Bastion of the Penitent
    • Stronghold of the Faithful
    • Salvation Pass
    • Spirit Vale


    On most encounters we will need:

    • 2 Chronomancers for Quickness/Alacrity
    • 1 Standard Bearer for Empower Allies/Banners
    • 2 Healers (one Harrier Druid for Might/Spirits/Spotter)
    • any DPS



    The raid starts at 19:30 CEST.

    If you have any questions before the raid, you can send me a private message or contact me via Discord!

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    Raid Signups

    Recommended Comments

    Rowen 9320

    Support Chronomancer

    Power Holosmith

    Bannerslave - power/condi

    Condi Scourge


    Edit: Holosmith Power DPS or Scourge Condition DPS, your choice :GW2_Engineer::GW2_Necromancer:

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    Magi/Harrier Druid
    Tempest Staff Healer
    Renegade Alacrity Healer
    (Power DPS Dragonhunter or Power Daredevil)


    Edit: Harrier Druid, please :GW2_Ranger:

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    support:  chrono
    power dps:  deadeye, daredevil, herald, chrono, soulbeast
    condi dps:  mirage, scourge


    Edit: Chronomancer Support, please :GW2_Mesmer: - Tank in Spirit Vale \o/

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    Paraxona.8076 :GW2_RT:

    Power DPS: DH, Tempest, Chrono
    Condi DPS: Renegade, Mirage
    Chrono: Support/Tank
    Support: Condi Berserker
    Healers: Renegade, Herald, Tempest, Harrier Druid


    Edit: any DPS, please :GW2_Elementalist::GW2_Guardian::GW2_Mesmer::GW2_Revenant:

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    Chronomancer Tank/Support, Tempest Healer, Standard Bearer


    Edit: Chronomancer Support, please :GW2_Mesmer: - Tank in Stronghold of the Faithful ƸӜƷ

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