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  • Deimos: "Pink Hand" Kiter Training [DONE]
    14/09/18 17:30 - 20:30

    Raid Type: Training
    Raid Leader: Viridian

    The mursaat's cruelty knows no bounds.

    We would like to give anyone interested in kiting Soul Feast - the "Pink Hands" - the possibility to try it out, so in this training, anyone that wants to can take turns at kiting. Should Deimos accidentally die, we'll open it again and let the next kiter try.

    Anyone that wants to help provide new kiters the possibility to gather their first kiting experience is more than welcome to sign up. 

    Please note in your signup whether you'd want to try kiting or just want to help out 😄 


    We will need:

    The usual group setup, more or less. As we want to just give our kiters the possibility to learn, it doesn't need to be perfect, as long as we get to train the kiting. So in addition to the kiter we will aim for: 

    • 2 Chronomancers for Quickness/Alacrity (and Well of Precognition)
    • 1 Standard Bearer for Banners/Empower Allies
    • 1 Harrier Druid for Might/Spirits/Spotter
    • 1 additional Healer
    • any ranged DPS

    When signing up, please let us know which professions you can switch to, so that we can have a reasonable composition even when switching the kiter!



    The raid starts at 19:30 CEST.

    If you have any questions before the raid, you can send me a private message or contact me via Discord!

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    would like to learn kiting (herald).  otherwise can bring a chrono support, deadeye dps, or magi druid for blacks.


    Edit: any DPS or Pink Hand Kiter

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    I've never seen Deimos in person so if experience is not mandatory, I can come wipe 🙂


    banner berserker (can range with LB)
    condi soulbeast (can bring axe instead of dagger in 2nd weap set)


    Edit: Standard Bearer, please :GW2_Warrior:

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    Harrier/Magi Druid (black kiter)
    Tempest Staff Healer
    Renegade Alacrity Healer
    (Dragonhunter Power DPS or Daredevil Power DPS)


    Edit: Harrier Druid, please :GW2_Ranger:

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    Hey, just finished gearing herald for hand kiting and would like to train.

    Can bring harrier druid (can bk), weaver or scourge for range when switching.



    Edit: any DPS :GW2_Elementalist::GW2_Necromancer: or Pink Hand Kiter

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    Power DPS: DH, Tempest, Chrono
    Condi DPS: Renegade, Mirage
    Chrono: Support/Tank
    Support: Condi Berserker
    Healers: Renegade, Herald, Tempest, Harrier Druid


    Edit: Chronomancer Support :GW2_Mesmer: or any DPS, please 😄 

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    SL Shadowfox.5027

    like to train hand kiting.

    can switch to support chrono / banner warrior / harrier druid


    Edit: Chronomancer Support :GW2_Mesmer: or Pink Hand Kiter

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