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  • Open Raid for Pink Day in LA! [DONE]
    06/10/18 15:00 - 21:00

    Raid Type: Kill run
    Raid Leader: Viridian

    Show your support and join us!

    On October 20th Gamers Giving Back will host the annual Pink Day in LA and we wish to support them by raising gold in Guild Wars 2, which will be used to buy prizes you can win by participating in the events on October 20th.

    We'd like to ask participants of this raid to donate the gold reward everyone gets from clearing an encounter to Gamers Giving Back.

    Please show your support and join us! :x



    As we want to raise as much gold as possible, the goal of this event is to get as many participants as possible some cleared encounters :D Other than we normally do this, we won't form groups ahead of time, but try to see what participants need when they join. We'll keep everyone informed of which encounters are planned next through Discord, so if you need whatever will be done, just join us on TeamSpeak and we'll see what we can do.

    You don't need to be terribly experienced to participate and even if you aren't sure whether you feel up to trying to join an actual raid, you can still come to TS and listen in or ask any questions you have about raiding.

    We'd still like you to sign up to this event, so that we have an idea of how many of you are interested. So show your support and sign up! :D 



    The raid starts at 17:00 CEST.

    If you have any questions before the raid, you can send me a private message or contact me via Discord!

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    Lets gather together and fight this terrible curse! Let's burn this wicked disease from this world with flames of purification and banish it into the void!
    Come together! Mighty Dragons united by the calamity of this sickness!

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    Happy to join in kicking all the butts for a good cause ⚔️


    Disclaimer: I would most likely fall under the "not terribly experienced" category so if you have enough people to make good pace in clearing stuff for more loot, I don't mind standing down 🙂

    Encounters where I can look after myself to an acceptable degree: VG, Gorse, Cairn, MO, Deimos, Escort, KC
    Encounters where I might need a bit of carrying: Samarog, Sloth, Sabetha (and I didn't specifically pick the ones with the same letter...)
    Encounters that I have done only introduction on:  Xera, Twisted Castle
    Everything else I haven't seen in person yet 👀



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