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  • Raid Introduction: Vale Guardian [DONE]
    15/09/18 17:00 - 20:00

    Raid Type: Introduction
    Raid Leader: Viridian

    Cease Fire! Friendlies in the area.

    If you have never raided before, this is a good place to start at ūüėĄ¬†We'll try to familiarize ourselves with the mechanics of the first raid encounter, the Vale Guardian. Since this is an introduction we cannot promise that we will clear the encounter, but we will at least be able to provide some insight into what type of content to expect in raids.

    You don't need any prior experience with raids or the Vale Guardian to join! All mechanics will be explained during the raid.

    Important! Vale Guardian will follow the person with the highest toughness (the tank). The toughness of our tanks is usually around 1,400. If you have higher toughness than that and can absolutely not lower it, make sure to include that in your signup, so that our tank can prepare to increase their own toughness!



    Blazing Speed Mushrooms can be helpful, but is not required.


    We will need:

    • 1-2 Chronomancers for Quickness/Alacrity (not necessarily a tank)
    • 1 Standard Bearer for Empower Allies/Banners
    • 1 Harrier Druid for Might/Spirits/Spotter
    • 1 Healer
    • 1-2 Condition DPS
    • any DPS



    The raid starts at 19:00 CEST.

    We only take experienced tanks to our introductions to ensure that the group will get to see and practice as many of the phases and mechanics as possible. If you are interested in learning to tank, please contact a member of the Raid Team and we will see what we can do, but this is unfortunately not the right place for it.

    If you have any questions before the raid, you can send me a private message or contact me via Discord!

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    Recommended Comments

    Kitty.3162 :GW2_RT:

    dps:  mirage
    support:  chrono
    healing: renegade, druid (both magi)


    Edit: Chronomancer Tank/Support, please :GW2_Mesmer:

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    A complete beginner wishing to learn.

    I only have a Condi DPS hunter (so far)¬† ūüôā


    Edit: Ranger Condition DPS, please :GW2_Ranger:

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