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  1. Welcome to OC and the ruthless and forgivable world of raids.. we have cookies... xD First of all if you want to be a raider - Forget, ^^ everything you have learned about gw2 pve,pvp, wvw - its a forth mode and with its own rules and mechanics - you'll have lots of fun ^^ but be ready to work hard and practice As for starts if you want to raid and learn with us you'd have to first read the OC raid etiquette we use to provide friendly and toxic free environment for learning as much as we can. After that you should register as a Raider.You can find everything on the raids homepage. And if you have questions feel free to post them on discord or through the Q & A forum where you can also see previously asked questions) ? GL HF
  2. We have branches there too awesome! I joined as well!
  3. Excelion (Excelion.2409) Lacie (Lacie.8213) Jigo(Steffen.7920) Wheres Wa...I mean Jigo
  4. Hey, there I'm Excelion. I have been playing guild wars since release with one little break this year for a couple of months - still I love guild wars and games in general. I had been part of a very small guild for almost 3-4 years( sadly pretty much gone now ;/), and was kinda nervous and unwilling to join any big communities. But have been taking part of OC events since before last year and know you're all awesome people. So recently I decided to overcome my "fear" of large guild and have a very dear friend and old guildie in DV as well (<3 to Nan) so I'm really looking forward to meeting some awesome and friendly people inside this community As for my experiences in GW - i pretty much enjoy all aspects of the game from pve to wvw - sadly i dont have time nowadays to focus on more then one of them. I have one character from all races and professions - but I love most of them to play guardians, ele and mesmers most.. and all other . I do have a connection with each and every of my charcters and they reflect a moment of my life or personality in ways I can hardly explain. Right now im heavy focusing myself in reaching 20K Achi points and learning to raid. In real life I work as a full time game programmer for games for company that doesn't really make games PS.I also love All other kinds if pc games, board games, long friendly debates, listening gaming podcasts and animuus ^^ and have awesome cat!
  5. Hey ^^ I really want to raid too, Name: Excelion.2409 Experience: Effective - None. I did tried raiding once, almost an year ago. But it ended with several hours of frustration and a losses, after which we were never the same... jk aside - I don't mind banging my head over a problem till i figure it out, but i'm not good at keeping others moral up after many.. many attempts and emotions. Classes: I have most fun Guardian, Ele and Mesmer (Rev too, but haven't played much with him), I do have all other classes and specializations unlocked but those 3 I have more then few hundred hours. Gear Ascended Gear Zerk and Soldier trinkets,accessories , amulet, back pieces and ect - check Light Armor 5/6 Ascended Zerk Heavy Armor 2 Soldier pieces, 3 Knight pieces, and few Celestrial ones ( don't ask, i was young ) Weapons - All zerk -Greatsword, Longbow, Staff ( im not sure about the sigils - but can easily get proper one depending on builds) + 1 Legi zerk Greatsword I have to clarify that i did took almost an year break from gw( after 3+ years ofplaying) and probably most of my builds and rotations are very out of sync! Availability: I'm usually can play in the weekends, and week days I work till ~20;00 ( so pretty much can join around 21:00 ) for like next 3-4 hours
  6. This song been help me a lot recently - bit calming, bit sad (it translates to " uncooperative screw and the rain" )


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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