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  1. Hi guys, Just got back from trying to kill TT with you all... next time hey. I played GW1 a hell of a lot, 3 accounts, UW, FOW, DOA etc. I was super hyped for GW2 during the build up to release. I played from the beta but something never quite clicked for me, it wasn't the Guild Wars that I knew and loved. I guess I put in maybe 20 hours and walked away. That was back in 2012. In the intervening time, I've got married, bought a house and had 2 children and I'm about back in a place where I can take some time for games again. I bought a PS4 at release and I've been playing Destiny pretty exclusively ever since. Anyone who knows that game will know it's hit a content drought and looks like that will continue till Destiny 2 releases at the end of next year. So, my need to level something and grind out gear, brought me back to GW2 and I think enough time has passed since GW1 that I can accept it for what it is rather than what it isn't. I'm hoping to get back up to the same level of proficiency in end-game content that I had in GW1 but there is a lot to learn and catch up on. Anyway, glad to be here and looking forward to our time in Tyria. Greetz - Lostdotfish (R) The Wasp Factory (W) Starlost (Me) S W I F T (N) I N F E R I S (E)


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