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  1. Kotflinte

    Your favorite game no one else has heard of!

    ooh, spent hours and night with this. most of the time at LAN partys back in the good old days
  2. Kotflinte

    Amalgamated Gemstone price spreadheet

    wow, thank you for this. I really have to finish my legendary although I don't want Twilight anymore, but already have precursor and stuff
  3. Kotflinte

    LEGO - my own creations

    not my own works. but definately inspires me, you should check out his channel really love the destiny 2 Gun! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBgpRrt2hplXnxOXwWwEiwQ
  4. Kotflinte

    LEGO - my own creations

    love this thread, it make me wanna get my old lego boxes from my basement and build again
  5. Kotflinte

    Tyria Pride 2017 Screenshots!

    unfortunately i failed with res and player names and interface
  6. Kotflinte

    LGBTQ+ Tyria Pride 2017! June 24th & 25th!

    I will participate. Any suggestions for the shiniest color set?
  7. Kotflinte

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread! [On Hold]

    Kotflinte#3790 Wolfie: Confirm'd