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  1. Well i was searching for the raid spreadsheet and bumped here. So ingame im Miria Adequinn, when i was young i wanted to be a pirate pillaging and plundering i wanted to fight like a swashbuckler with a rapier and when things went south unhesitantly use my trusty gun, then i had a change of heart (learned more about the game) and decided ill stop all these ungodly things and for attonement ill become a monk (now im fighting with a staff and throw some punches as well). About me,i'm 22 years old, i study agricultural science,i am from greece also i really enjoy nature, traveling and hiking. I have some attention issues that seem a lot worse when communicating facelessly through the net although you can be right in front of my face saying stuff to me and i would be spaced out on the pigeons pecking theyre food right behind you axaxaaxa (not so funny all times but....)I overcome this shortcoming with will and passion on anything i do. Finally I consider myself a soft and gentle person (but who am i to judge).


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