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  1. \o/ and thanks~! gonikonata#0699 Lelling: confirmed
  2. @Sithicus but these are family friendly manly nipples, not obscene female nipples, why the censorship
  3. Aaaaand this was exactly the cave in Timberline Falls i was thinking of. Map for curious ppl: And next hiding spot:
  4. *sudden voices in your head whispering eerily 'resistance is futile, all your base are belong to ussss...'*
  5. In case no one would want to train as a condi - I can help. As I have some experience on all 3 wings of the raid, I'm only offering my necro scepter as a backup though, all the brave trainees come first
  6. Knew I've seen that somewhere. For anyone curious: at the end of The Collapsed Observatory jumping puzzle in Kessex Hills. This one is really easy to walk into.
  7. I'm visiting my parents for a national holiday and my aunt came over with her 2y old shih tzu Tosia, whose favourite game to play is fetch... but with a small rock instead of a stick or a ball. Then she proceeded to run around with the rock in her mouth and we've had a good laugh
  8. This one is the evilest thing you could've done, except for Not So Secret jp
  9. As they say on tumblr - I don't even. Since I have this thing to have at least 2 of each class (except for thief and engi - how do you even play them O.x ) I've made myself a condi rev just for fun. He started as a... nice and well-mannered young man in the primeval warplate and reading glasses, but then SOMETHING WEIRD happened and it involved a late night brain melt and the zodiac armor. So, yeah - Lucius Blackmoon - the shiniest bishounen that ever shinied.
  10. Since I've killed the topic (again! ), the hint is: look around in the more wealthy part of the city. Yes, this city you're thinking of!
  11. One suspicious car coming up: Give me some artistically stacked up plastic chairs~!
  12. Everyone got lazy I guess Nice, comfy bed and some fine art:
  13. Oh wow, that was just pure evil I've seen the box, but it looks like it's closed and you can't get inside...
  14. Where it was, this completely random charr metal texture? I was running around the bane and just couldn't see it
  15. T_T no but really I wasn't even trying to make it tricky or something... Low level Kryta, entrance to the cave is by a huge waterfall.
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