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    Toga Party for Multiple Sclerosis


    the Wayfarer's race gw014.bmp
  2. Freontwel

    Toga Party for Multiple Sclerosis


    some fight scenes gw677.bmp gw688.bmp
  3. Freontwel


    Welcome to the party... although I think it's a raid squad... No wait! There's more of us.. a squad? two? three? Anyways I hope you'll enjoy. Let's have an interesting chain of welcoming messages where we'll add things about the one who posted last time to introduce people to you Pandemic. ^^ which means ^ Koisty up here is a high-end and -pitch person who can always brighten an event and a day, even on a rainy day.
  4. Freontwel

    Heyoo o/

    I forgot to write an introduction to myself. It has been a few months already. Now I will do so. I used to be a mighty leader in the school playgrounds, but then I took a fork to the knee and moved into gaming. Hailing from the wintry scenes of Finland's ancient evergreen trees I'm vibrant person, yet sometimes highly peculiar-eloquent. I'm a commander for triwurm but I have a fancy to run HoT meta trains in the mornings, choo choo. n_n A few facts: I love opera, soaking myself in the harmonic tonal melodies of Puccini's arias is something I do to recharge my batteries, I read a lot of literature, and especially scifi/fan genres not to mention Haruki Murakami. My favourite dye is electro pink and magenta! Also I'm a power reve at heart so no discrimination! >.< I'm the pink panther Guild officer for CaT Chaos and Tranquility. signed: Silly biscuit, Frontwheel, The Fool
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