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  1. Holy batman late reply but yes, I looked at the guilds and joined. It'll probably take some time for the open up completely but so far so good
  2. Aspermere#3552 Whelp here we go Lelling: confirmed
  3. So like most people I guess I ended up here because of the Triple Trouble runs and so far I had a crapton of fun doing them so I figured why not sign up! I'm not really good with introductions so I'll be rambling on for now. I'm pretty new to the end game content and I'm trying to figure everything but it's a lot to take in. So far I'm having fun even though sometimes I don't really know what I'm doing. I've been playing on and off because I never actually had a group of people to play with, I hope to change that soon as I know from other games it's a lot more fun that way. I can be shy and will take a while to open up I guess but I'd love to make some friends here. My main character is a mesmer named Aeguura Starfall although I've been trying, and deleting after a short while, different chars and professions. Now for the more generic intro stuff I live in The Netherlands and I'm 24 years old. Still studying but I hope to be finished soon although a masters degree will follow after that (will I ever be done? No one knows). Besides gw2 I play FFXIV, totally different from Guild Wars but thats why I don't get bored with either of them. So uhh yeah I guess that's it for now.


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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