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    Greetings :D

    for wvw really depends on what server you're on. Most servers have their own teamspeak/discord (ask in /t or /m while in a borderland map) and have an open tag on prime time, with a good comm its always a blast
  2. it took me longest of time to figure this out, I think the screenshot is from PvE guild hall since claiming of that was going on I believe and without upgrades the flying palace is not there and the rocks are removed with upgrades. Tried to match the angle best i could
  3. tomppe

    Bastion of the Penitent

    Tomppe.5419 Condi Rev/power thief dps Condi Rev, please. /Karry Karrys group.
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  5. tomppe

    Gorseval the Multifarious

    Tomppe.5419 Daredevil staff DPS
  6. tomppe

    hi <3

    Hello and welcome!
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    Sabetha the Saboteur

    Tomppe.5419 Staff daredevil DPS
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    Community Week May 6-13 2017 screenshots!

    naked shatterer
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    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Tomppe#7832 Lelling: confirmed