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    Hiya, I'm Luci and I joined DV recently and I'm super excited about getting into more group-based content in gw2! Years ago, I got to enjoy GW: Factions and Nightfall. Now I've played gw2 for about four years, but just dawdled around on my own in open world content and want to get into dungeons, fractals and eventually raids and try some WvW. Before that, I played Planetside 2 with an organised alliance and I enjoyed being part of a team, where I largely played medic and support roles. I eventually had to leave, because my pc wasn't beefy enough to keep up. So here I am, one newly-built PC running well and looking forward to getting stuck in. I main my condi/healer druid Nivndil, followed by my condi necro Luci (where my namesake comes from :D) and my guardian(soon to be support/healer firebrand) Sabino. I'm also experimenting with a delicious Mallyx-Kalla condi Revenant. I'm from the UK and I work Friday-Sunday afternoon/evening.


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Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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