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  1. Hi all Firstly - apologies if this is the wrong forum, but I am assuming that the events I am about to speak about are DV/PVE and not OC. I see that all the Dragon Stand events are scheduled for 17:20 GMT twice a week ... I will only ever be able to make this time on a Wednesday, and they are not scheduled for Wednesdays. Gral and I work over an hour away from our homes so are rarely home before 6pm, and often later. Whilst I realise you can't cater for individuals, generally speaking, people in the UK finish work at 5pm GMT and take more than 20 minutes to get home. So 17:20 seems to be exceptionally early to me as a regualr time slot. OK so lets have one at 17:20 and one an hour later? I do my best to make any weekend events but as these are the only two days a week I get off, then real life does have to take precedence sometimes. Surely I'm not the only one who finds pre-6pm local time very difficult to meet? Looking at this week's calendar - if I weren't on leave on Mon/Tues/Wed then I would be missing: Dragon Stand (Monday) Sunspear Uprising (Tuesday) Dry Top (Wednesday) I WILL be missing: Serpent's Ire (Thursday Bounty Hunt (Thursday) Dragon's Stand (Friday) I'd love to join in, but unless I resign from my job then I can't on these timings.
  2. Hi - Ceddwen here I just loaded Discord, please verify me. Viridian: Confirmed
  3. Hi - I.m a young oldie from South Wales, love playing GW2. I used to play GW1 and really enjoyed the ability to have primary and secondary traits of different classes, which would make your char so diffferent to another (e.g. my partner and I had a monk/necro and a necro/monk and they were totally different!); it's such a shame that this couldn't be ported into GW2 but the devs said it couldn't be coded successfully Nevertheless, GW2 is amazing - I'd love it even more if certain classes could be specced more directly for a particular skill (e.g. healing, tanking, etc). In DAoC the race you chose had a direct impact on the class and specialities you wanted to achieve, as the startinf stats (health, vitality, etc) would be weighted but that could lead to every warrior being a Thane and every healer being a Dwarf!! so not necessarily desirable without some tweaking perhaps .... The classes and skilling in SWG was similar in that my Master Doctor was as weak as water and needed an escort into town to sell her medpacks. She was max level and could be killed by a level 1 mob as all her skill was in medicine and manufacturing. The crafting was fantastic .... Over the past 15 years I have played GW1, SWG, DAoC, Age of Conan, Rift, Warhammer Online and now GW2. I took up GW2 whilst waiting for the eventual release of Camelot Unchained (a revamp of DAoC and for which I am a founder) but have fallen deeply in love with GW2 now .... Anyway - for those of you who have not given up or fallen asleep I am looking forward to being in DV and joining in as much as possible.
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