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  1. So following TT last night some of us were fortunate to have an amazing hour or so of Piano play by Freontwel. Im sure im not the only one who thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the amazing music that was played. Big shout out to Freontwel. You sir, are a great musician. I was so drawn into the music i ended up just sitting down by Firthside Vigil and just listening. Was joined by JoannaBanana and Zivaluna who were also just chillin and listening.
  2. Rattex


    Allo allo Thought i should probably introduce myself and come out of lurking. Most of my characters have some form of my name in one way or another - Rattex, Rattexx, Rättex etc So, if you see a rat running around, its probably me Im from South Africa - Cape Town to be exact. Been playing GW2 since headstart but only recently started getting involved in the world events like TT. Had some really awesome wurms lately. Great commanders and community make the event a heck of a lot of fun. Hope to see you all at the next Wurm!
  3. My outfits hairdo went a bit wierd after getting the HP


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