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  1. @Ran @Arvinthir here you go http://mariowibisono.deviantart.com/art/Mirumoto-Kei-126374222
  2. Nice one Ran ?. I have card with that graphic and I always upvote Legend of 5 rings graphics. And I'm gonna steal your's Jomika ??
  3. Actually he doesnt like bananas. he likes peanut butter But i agree. That game is much more fun with friends and coordination. If you're going with randoms playing against AI is fine, but when you're up against other players there's chance they use teamspeak and they are going to stomp you into the ground :P.
  4. wait whaaaa ????? 21:9 ?! Insta-buy ! This was the reason i stopped playing ori in the first place.
  5. Yeah, Officers should donate 5 gold to you ! Welcome and have fun
  6. So you're Dave and Tom at the same time ? O_O. Welcome to Open Community
  7. macstat


    Cool beans ! I was meaning to ask about that. I'm curious in how Discord works and what's better way to try it than with Open Community I was wondering though, could Discord at some point make TS obsolete ?
  8. Cool ! Thanks for the tip. I was going to craft me some chumbawumba, but now i think i might earn some gold first I can get back to it in month or two when prices will go down again.
  9. I have a treat for you guys There was this polish Warcraft clone (not WoW but ye olde rts called "Polanie" what basically means "Slavs". It was an interesting game :> Especially economy since only resource you had was cow milk Oh and when you cut down trees they could kill you . Oh if you look at the link it has word "dork" in it :> Other games from 90's that were pretty important then, but forgotten now are adventure games. I would like to share with you two of them i played first. Ladien and gentelmen, Police Quest and Gobliiins. Especially PQ since it was my first adventure game i rememeber playing. First thing i did i typed "get undressed" and got game over for making a fool out of myself in the precinct :D. I was amazed that this game let me do this
  10. GW2: Macstat.1307 Steam : Macstat battle.net : Macstat#2893 How original huh ?
  11. Welcome Civil engineer ? What's that ?
  12. Ohh i would like to try it out Pick me, pick me !
  13. If Nag don't want this ill take it Please overlook different time of day and weird resolution Ok find me Fun fact, I actually wanted to post something else but couldn't get there. So i picked something else close by


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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