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  1. macstat

    Share your Desktop Screenie!

    @Ran @Arvinthir here you go http://mariowibisono.deviantart.com/art/Mirumoto-Kei-126374222
  2. macstat

    Share your Desktop Screenie!

    Nice one Ran . I have card with that graphic and I always upvote Legend of 5 rings graphics. And I'm gonna steal your's Jomika
  3. macstat


    Actually he doesnt like bananas. he likes peanut butter But i agree. That game is much more fun with friends and coordination. If you're going with randoms playing against AI is fine, but when you're up against other players there's chance they use teamspeak and they are going to stomp you into the ground :P.
  4. macstat

    DV Goes Raid

    If there's still need for a condi i would love to join you with my ranger. I have no preference in days, just give me schedule and ill manage. I'm also fine with being on the bench.
  5. macstat

    Raid Squad for Starters

    You get some rest ya hear ? We dont want you exhausted when you get back.
  6. macstat

    Raid Squad for Starters

    GREEN !
  7. macstat

    Raid Squad for Starters

    Also i would like to thank to all that came yesterday. It was really fun and im looking forward to getting better with you guys
  8. macstat

    Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition!

    wait whaaaa ????? 21:9 ?! Insta-buy ! This was the reason i stopped playing ori in the first place.
  9. macstat

    Hey Guyz

    Yeah, Officers should donate 5 gold to you ! Welcome and have fun
  10. macstat

    Who is this beautiful gent?

    So you're Dave and Tom at the same time ? O_O. Welcome to Open Community
  11. macstat


    Cool beans ! I was meaning to ask about that. I'm curious in how Discord works and what's better way to try it than with Open Community I was wondering though, could Discord at some point make TS obsolete ?
  12. macstat

    Raid Squad for Starters

    If you wanna a DV noob and his condi ranger i would like to sign up for squad 2 My tag Mactat.1307
  13. macstat

    Profitable wood gathering paths

    Cool ! Thanks for the tip. I was going to craft me some chumbawumba, but now i think i might earn some gold first I can get back to it in month or two when prices will go down again.
  14. macstat

    On viability of shortbow in PvE endgame

    I updated spreadsheet with changes relevant to our "discussion" ;P What got changed in spreadsheet: I added Winter's bite to the rotation since it now applies bleed. Two casts in pure AT, and one cast in shortbow+AT variant. Because of 1/2 cast time, i took away two (1/4 ct) ricochets for every cast of WB. I raised physical damage of physical strikes of Poison Volley and Quick shot Raised condi duration of poison volley Added pet bleed that occurs after shooting cripling shot (assuming 1300 condi damage on pet)
  15. macstat

    On viability of shortbow in PvE endgame

    Added precision/ferocity/expertise calculations to spreadsheet