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  1. Reveal yourself

    There we go! Charming and sweaty after prancing around on a roof the whole day in 30°C
  2. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Can I has readdificatioooooon Declan#0058 Wolfie: Confirm'd
  3. Reveal yourself

    I've managed to evade revealing myself up till now, I think I should soooon
  4. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Whoops, yeah I dun goofed, now I should be in
  5. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Declan#0058 :3 Lelling: confirmed
  6. Silverwastes

    Time: 20:45 UTC / 22:45 CEST TeamSpeak: Optional Coordinator: Declan It's yet again time for the Silverwastes. Lure out Mordremoth's five Champions and beat them in a fight to the death! Take the battle to the Vinewrath and claim your loot! We need all the soldiers we can muster! ^^
  7. AIM Guild Hall Claiming

    Join AIM on its journey to claim the Gilded Hollow back from the Mordrem! ^^
  8. Reveal yourself

    Yeah! He's the Beardless Disaster now
  9. Reveal yourself

    But Sithi, you're not a bearded disaster right now!
  10. Dragon's Stand

    Time: 19:30 UTC / 21:30 CEST TeamSpeak: Optional Coordinator: Declan Finally we take the fight to Mordremoth! The dragon's minions await us, but with sword in hand and great resolve, we shall be victorious! Dragon's Stand is the fight against Mordremoth's final line of defense, featuring a three-lane battle reminiscent of the Marionette, the event requires a moderate amount of coordination, and is thus appropriate for all types of players!
  11. Hello everyone

    Welcome Michael! Don't worry about your English, the only way to perfection is practice
  12. Greetings

    Welkom funny! ^^ Enjoy your time here, and I'll have to check the artist out, awesome pic of your asura
  13. Introducing myself

    Yay fellow Dutchie! Welcome ^^
  14. Oh I should do dis Steam: Ghoulcinder GW2: Ghoulcinder.4025 LoL: Ghoulcinder
  15. Awesomenauts

    We'll need to find a day to schedule a little event then