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  1. That's very nice guide, thank you! There's one thing missing though - In second collection, when listing materials needed for Beta Fractal Capacitor you wrote 1 Prototype Fractal Capacitor (Ascended). (bought in the last collection) The one bought in the first collection is exotic, you have to ascend it before throwing it into mystic toilet to get Beta Capacitor. So 500 more relics and a stack of ectos to farm.
  2. I can, unless there's someone else willing, who didn't get a chance at all.
  3. Hey, I just wanted to thank everyone for today and Nag and all experienced folks for organising this. My team didn't get a kill, but it was fun and I believe we learned a lot. I hope we can repeat this in the future :3 (hopefully I won't get downed by then so much, I think I know what I have to train to get better in this)
  4. Ha, I had a feeling it's gonna be there from the beginning, this was a very dinstinctive waterfall. For those curious: Go north from Cereboth Waypoint in Kessex Hills up to the vista, go all the way down and turn left. There's a cave to the side of the waterfall. And for something easy (I hope):
  5. Name: MayaMinamoto.6108 Experience: Neved did raids Class: Druid (mostly asc) http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Druid_-_Power_Glyph_Buffer (preferably) or if needed http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Druid_-_Offensive_Healer I can also try a Phalanx Warrior, but I don't have full Berserker unlocked on her yet (will try to do that before weekend). Can join on both days
  6. I said earlier that I'm interested, but for clarity's sake: never did raids before, I don't suck at other pve content, but I wouldn't call myself pro either. I've got four toons that I could make raid-ready in order of my personal preference: ranger/druid, condi necro, warrior, ele. I'm currently in the process of updating their gear to fit the meta, I might have trouble with full ascended, but I can for sure manage exotic+ascended mix. I REALLY don't want to play tank, otherwise I can adjust as needed.
  7. Count me in as well (hopefully I will fix my mic soon so I can actually *talk* on TS)
  8. I stucked on Black Flag too, but not for the lack of want - my current laptop simply isn't strong enough to really pull off Unity (didn't check Syndicate yet, I would rather play the games in order). It was really annoying because it wasn't OBVIOUSLY too weak, everything went rather smoothly untill I got to centre of Paris with huge crowds. Huge crowds were too much. I might check it again sometime soon, perhaps the patches fixed at least some of the horrible horrible problems with optimalisation. Books, yes, this one is tricky. I can't really name one single favourite author or book. I really like fantasy and young adult books. Chronicles of Narnia are probably my most-readed books from childhood, I also really like Jacqueline Carey's "Kushiel's legacy" series and Sharon Shinn's Samaria series is my total guilty pleasure. And from non-fantasy front, right now I'm fangirling hard about Anna Dooland, who writes queer literature and has already self-published two books about one not-exactly-woman dealing with anxiety, work, self-image and being human in general. They're really well-written, filled to the brim with interesting and relatable characters and will make you cry. You can find more about the books here: http://aedooland.com/ There are some free chapters to read as an example here too. (no, but seriously, I love these, they're awesome, check it out) As for LGBT rights in Poland... Well, it's not illegal to be one. You won't get any form of state recognition, marriage or civil union, because that would obviously destroy families. It's also frowned upon, at best dismissed as "but I haven't noticed any discrimination, there's clearly no need for more rights" (pretty much a quote), at worst moral panic "gender ideology will sexualise our children, FEAR THE HOMOS" (but really, gender ideology is a thing that exist here. I'm not kidding, I wish I was). There's a standstill right now, because in the last elections right-wing party got pretty much everything - president AND majority in parlament. So we don't really expect much change for the better at least for the next four years
  9. Hello people of the internet! I'm Magda, people call me Mai or Magda, and I'm 27 years old girl from Poland. Recently unemployed (because corporate life sucked out my soul) former HR admin, currently trying to decide what to do with my life. In the meantime I have lots of time to play in hours when most of my primary (tiny, social, real-life friends) guild is at work/school/elsewhere. So that's why I joined DV, hello DV, you guys are cool. Also, Gonikonata's former flatmate and yes, I do love Disciples, 2 being my favourite, I played it at least 6 times already. I like stories in any form, be it books, TV series or games. I can talk for hours about fictional worlds and how thing X should affect character Y. That's also why I play so much - it's somehow different, more immersive, to *play* the story than just read/watch it. I also love animated movies and proud myself in having all Disney movies on my shelf (safe for Black Cauldron, which was never released in Poland on DVD and I'm still angry about this). I'm full of random trivia and am passionate about lgbt+ rights (for obvious reasons *side-eyes girlfriend*) and a whole bunch of other weird stuff, including autism, representation of minority groups in media and plot holes in video games. Games I play: RPGs/action (Bioware games, Assassin's Creed, Tomb Raider, currently looking at Dishonored), RTS (Heroes of Might and Magic, Starcraft) and city builders (Anno, Zeus and so on). I'm playing Guild Wars for a bit more than 2 years now, but I had a couple of months pause around HoT release (what did I say about corporate life sucking out my soul?), so I'm not up-to-date with all the changes that happened in the meantime. Not knowing current meta only added to my fear of pugs (seriously, pugs are scary) and then OpenCommunity happened and turned out to be the nicest people ever. My priorities in game are PvE and skins, all the skins, I'm a pokemon collector, gotta catch'em all. Anyway, in game I rotate between a couple of characters. My Main Main is ranger Maya Minamoto (who could guess) also known as "the only one with Agony Resistance" and I'm currently doing map completion on necro Cahir Dreamseeker also known as "I already have 7 female characters, maybe it's time for some change".


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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