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  1. GreyishWolf

    HP Run 12/08 10.00am CEST

    I'll be doing another HP run starting in verdant brink to get the people that attend 25(x10) hero points in the first three HoT maps. Needed: - Verdant Brink Shipwreck Peak Waypoint: [&BN4HAAA=] If you have a guild that has Lost Precipe you can enter VB from there and you'll automatically get this wp. - Basic Gliding - Updraft - Muschroom jumping - (optional) Nuoch Wells I'll be commanding the run on my mesmer Kat Vilkas [RIP/CaT/WOLF] (IGN: GreyishWolf.3256) I'll portal the spots that require ley-line or advanced gliding for the people that don't have that yet. And if the meta happens to happen in Auric Basin whilst we are around we'll join in on that too.
  2. GreyishWolf


    Hi I'm GreyishWolf I just joined after a really nice TT event. I play GW2 for about 2-3 years now. Mostly focusing on WVW. However I do enjoy a lot of pve content and sometimes you'll even find me commanding Dry Top or organizing an HP run. Recently I started a guild [WOLF] that's currently at lvl two just for fun feel free to join
  3. GreyishWolf

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Joined in Discord, GreyishWolf#0312 Viridian: confirmed