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  1. Hamycern

    Siege the Stronghold & Bandit Trio

    Hamycern.1468 Chronomancer or Harrier Druid EDIT: Harrier Druid please
  2. Hamycern

    Matthias Gabrel

    Hamycern.1468 Chronomancer
  3. Hamycern

    Keep Construct

    Hamycern.1468 Chrono EDIT: Chronomancer please
  4. Hamycern

    Matthias Gabrel

    Hamycern.1468 Chrono
  5. Hamycern

    Keep Construct

    Hamycern.1468 as Chronomancer, preferrably not as tank, but if you need, I could give it a try (although I have neither done Keep Construct nor tanking so far) You won't need to tank if you don't want to ~Nasu
  6. Hamycern.1468 Chronomancer with toughness 1.344, I have successfully killed Vale Guardian 2 times and I have seen Gorseval a couple of times already.
  7. Hamycern

    Sabetha the Saboteur

    Hamycern.1468 - I would like to come with my Chronomancer. I have done the introduction with you last week, but we did not down her. This time we will :-)
  8. Hamycern

    Sabetha the Saboteur

    Hamycern.1468, I want to come as Chronomancer. I have never done this one, but some of the other raids I have done successfully already.
  9. Hamycern

    Screenshot Reenactment Challenge - November 2017

    Looking for the moon, that is not there anymore
  10. Hamycern


    Hamycern.1468 Chronomancer Remark: Chronomancer Support
  11. Hamycern

    Bandit Trio

    Hamycern.1468 Chronomancer Remark: Viridian's group Chronomancer Support
  12. Hamycern

    Vale Guardian

    Hamycern.1468 Chronomancer, preferred. I have a staff/druid healer as well, if you need, but that char is only exotic, and not properly geared Chrono, please.
  13. Hamycern

    Spirit Vale

    Hello! My account-name is Hamycern.1468. I would like to come with Elanythalin, my Chronomancer. I have unsuccessfully tried Vale Guardian before (but haven't tried any other raid boss yet). Harry