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  1. Stormcream

    Raid Introduction: Vale Guardian

    Hello, my account name is Muppet.1904 and I'd like to sign up for the beginners introduction raid. Atm I can play cPS (duo to recent changes condi dps with banners), firebrand or staff weaver (qtfy builds).
  2. Stormcream

    The Guildie Superthread!

    Hello ppl! I'm Marco, and I'm from Portugal and joined DV a month ago. Tks to DV and the open community I've done TT and some more events. My schedule is a little tight but when I can I join for the events and even done 2 guild missions (2 years break) My IG is Muppet.1904 and usually I'm playing my guardian Leon Faithclaw. I'm leveling my fractal lv (currently 36) and returning to wvw, my previous activity. Have fun and cya in game
  3. Stormcream

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Hi, my discord id is Stormcream #0276 Sai: Confirmed