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  1. Forums/calendar issue topic

    Thanks, that sounds like a good compromise
  2. Forums/calendar issue topic

    Or I don't know, would it work to have a daily events calendar, and one with the weekly/one-off ones? Btw how does the subscription you first talked of work? I only found an RSS feed, but TT shows up there every day too.
  3. Forums/calendar issue topic

    Sorry I didn't clarify, I'm subsribed to the calendars via Google Calendar, so the TT events do fill up most of the Core Tyria one, like on the website version I guess I could temporarily subsribe, copy the other events to my own celandar and unsubscribe, the only downside is that I won't see newly created one-off events or if anything changes with the regular ones.
  4. Forums/calendar issue topic

    Is there any way to filter out Triple Trouble from the Core Tyria calendar? I don't do TT, which takes up most of that calendar, but would be interested in the other Core events.
  5. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    kazerniel#1475 thanks Viridian: confirmed