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  1. I guess I can try to do the same as I was doing for the core calendar, copy the relevant recurring events into a personal calendar, and subscribe on the website to any calendar changes.
  2. Is there anything that can be done about this (either by me or those who manage the calendar)?
  3. Hi, I have that issue again where Friday's Dragon Stand appears 3 times in the HoT Google Calendar sub link for some reason (the Monday one only appears once). I tried unsubscribing and resubscribing and it still persists. Edit: just checked back in time, it started to double from 27 April, and started to triple from 8 June.
  4. Thanks, that sounds like a good compromise
  5. Or I don't know, would it work to have a daily events calendar, and one with the weekly/one-off ones? Btw how does the subscription you first talked of work? I only found an RSS feed, but TT shows up there every day too.
  6. Sorry I didn't clarify, I'm subsribed to the calendars via Google Calendar, so the TT events do fill up most of the Core Tyria one, like on the website version I guess I could temporarily subsribe, copy the other events to my own celandar and unsubscribe, the only downside is that I won't see newly created one-off events or if anything changes with the regular ones.
  7. Is there any way to filter out Triple Trouble from the Core Tyria calendar? I don't do TT, which takes up most of that calendar, but would be interested in the other Core events.


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