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  1. Hi guild, I just wanted to let you know that my recent inactivity is not due to a lack of interest in the guild or the game. It's just my gfx card that's broken, and me having no spare money to get a new one. Using a hand-me-down from a friend now, which can run GW2, but nearly blows up every time I enter a place with more players. Hope to have this situation fixed within the next few months. In the meantime, I will try to join in every now and then as long as this old gfx card can handle it. Hugs, Eve / Tair Eon.
  2. Eve

    Dry Top


    Suffered massive lag and finally a disconnect during this event. Cannot get back in. I have the feeling the fact that people were not responding very well in squad/party chat was due to the same issues I was having. Chat just didn't seem to respond, and some event mobs (beetles) seemed to take ages to spawn. All of the above has nothing to do with the organization of the event, which was excellent as always.
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