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  1. Gimbzo

    Matthias Gabrel

    Gizmo.1635 condi scourge, power weaver, banner warrior, (raided with them already) commander chrono, harrier druid (haven't raided with them yet) that would be the first time on Matt Edit: Scourge Condition DPS or Weaver Power DPS please - your choice
  2. Gimbzo


    Weaver (I've been doing xera on it but i need to practice clearing crystals) Banner Slave (haven't raided with it yet) Harrier Druid (haven't raided with it yet) Gizmo.1635 Edit: Standard Bearer, pls (Still refusing to use that degrading name for the build )
  3. Gimbzo

    Static Group's Slaying Time

    Hey, I have scourge and weaver (feel more confident with scourge, but i'm in the process of learning weaver) Gizmo.1635 The choice is yours ~Nasu
  4. Gimbzo

    Raid Introduction: Vale Guardian

    Gizmo.1635 Condi scourge/ power weaver First raid I'd like you to come with whichever you feel more comfortable with. ~Nasu
  5. Gimbzo

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Hi Gimbzo#2896 Viridian: confirmed
  6. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxNAL5npRqNPTEw0Vy14RDFKQVU Some of the screens i took