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  1. Welcome ! Oh man your name was distracting on TS as I am Finnish. I was about to poke you and tell you that it means sleeping but its awesome that you know that already ^^ Funny story ( kinda related to this ). There is American band called Muna I found it on radio last week. It's like new indie music, but they totally haven't checked their name on google, as Muna means egg in Finnish, and well it can all so mean men private parts how about that. Muna - Winterbreak Pappa betalar, såsom Finska teen tjejer säger.
  2. Welcome dude ! That artwork is freaking awesome ! I love it.
  3. Hey there ! I would love to get this ^^ But dont bother to do it quick Im just a lazy leecher, but Ill pay you well :3 [Edit] I changed the character, I think you didn't have time to start the artwork so :3 I know the last picture ain't good for the artwork but I think its funny capture ! ^^
  4. Matsku

    Oh me ?

    Hey hey rum guys ! Yee I just drink most of the time Cptn Morgans Original Spiced Gold. Its cheap and tastes awesome. Thank you for all the welcoms guys !
  5. Matsku

    Oh me ?

    Ye I had couple courses of radiology and thats my shit !
  6. Matsku

    Oh me ?

    Thank you thank you ^^ Yee I dont know where you make those cool avatars so I just randomly googled silver hair x)
  7. Matsku

    Oh me ?

    I think Jessica Jones is rather boring. I watched maybe around 5 or 6 first episodes. I just dont like Krysten Ritter, otherwise it was good Marvel Adaption with complex protagonist lots of sex scenes and interesting twists. Daredevil is awesome. The reason might be because the original Daredevil from 2003 is my childhoods most watched movies. Love Ben Affleck and Jenniger Garner there. I like how the TV-series is so dark. Gives me the Danish TV vibe and oh I love that. I like how its more real, I mean compared to Batman just flying around doing what he wants, Daredevil jumps from rooftop to another. And I like Kingpin, who doesn't. '' I want to carve something beautiful out of its ugliness, set free its potential,'' one of his lines and maaan is that awesome. For Closure Jessica Jones 5/10 Daredevil 8/10
  8. Hello there! I am 20 year old unistudent that used to study Medical Technology, now I'm changing to Economics. Basically I took Economics as a minor, and I realized that this is much more interesting and now im trying to change it to major but well, burocrazy. I am interested in any kinda technology. You can talk with me about phones, clocking your CPU, CCleaner basically about anything. I mostly listen this moments hit music but my all time favorite bands are Foo Fighters, RHCP and In Flames. Netflix nerd. Before you ask, yes I have seen it. I started playing Guild Wars couple weeks after beta. I've played really occasionally until this January I started playing daily. Before ( still playing ) CS:GO. Other games don't get my interest. My main was Nathalie Ritter (mesmer), then I made a smurf, (yeah what the hell, whole new account, dont ask me), and now I'm playing this big ass charr named Radmurg who swirls his sword like and idiot. Most important things about me. I used drink a lot rum and beer, not so much anymore. I always eat wings. I saw someone else warn about this so I might as well. I'm a Finn, beware. By the way the girl on the avatar is not me if you didn't already guessed it, but I love silver hair girls. So if you own silver hair or pink or blue or any kinda unicornish, I'm in love. Your sincerely Matskundi.2951 Matsku.9029 Add me if you want to do fractals or dungeons or any kind of activity poke me. I like to help people because it makes me feel awesome, so If you need help in game just ask !


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