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  1. NatSully

    Open Raid for Pink Day in LA!

    NatNyls.1930 Let's shred it my dudes.
  2. NatSully

    Sabetha The Saboteur

    NatNyls.1930 Harrier Druid. EDIT: Harrier Druid please
  3. NatSully

    Soulless Horror

    NatNyls.1930 Harrier Druid. EDIT: Harrier Druid please
  4. NatSully


    NatNyls.1930 Harrier Druid. EDIT: Harrier Druid please
  5. NatSully

    Bastion of the Penitent

    NatNyls.1930 Harrier Druid
  6. NatSully

    Matthias Gabrel

    NatNyls.1930 Healer: Harrier Druid DPS: Mirage/Deadeye Edit: Harrier Druid, please
  7. NatSully

    Matthias Gabrel

    NatNyls.1930 Deadeye/Condi Daredevil + Mirage EDIT: Mirage DPS please
  8. NatSully


    NatNyls.1930 Power Deadeye.
  9. NatSully

    Keep Construct

    NatNyls.1930 Staff Daredevil/Banner Slave I'd like you to come with Staff Daredevil ~Nasu
  10. NatSully

    ''All We Can KILL'' Run

    NatNyls.1930 -Condi/Power Daredevil -Condi Mirage -Standard Bearer Berserker EDIT: Banner Warrior, please
  11. NatSully

    Matthias Gabrel

    NatNyls.1930 Daredevil Venomshare/Mirage Condi Edit: Mirage Condition DPS, pls
  12. NatSully

    Soulless Horror

    NatNyls.1930 Condi/Staff Daredevil + Mirage Condi EDIT: Condi Mirage, please
  13. NatSully

    "All We Can KILL" Run

    NatNyls.1930 DD Staff + Venomshare/Mirage Condi DPS. EDIT: DPS of your choice please
  14. NatSully


    NatNyls.1930 Mirage Edit: Mirage Condition DPS
  15. NatSully


    NatNyls.1930 Mirage. Edit: Mirage Condition DPS